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15 motivating mantras

15 motivating mantras that’ll get you through any workout

There comes a point in most tough workouts and races when mind over matter comes into play. No matter how much you’ve trained, it helps to have your brain along for the ride. So the next time your legs start to get tired or your lungs feel ready to burst, enlist one of these motivating mantras from Polar’s professional athletes and ambassadors.

“I’ll only be happy at the end of the day if I did my best. And push, push, push!”

—Andy Potts, Polar athlete and professional triathlete

“Build the beast.”

—Jeff Boyer, Polar ambassador and triathlete

“Be strong on every lap or every mile.”

—Molly Huddle, Polar athlete and professional runner

“Well-oiled machine. I visualize my body working at its peak and giving me what I need to move forward.”

—Steve Williams, Polar ambassador and ultramarathoner

“If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

—Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae, Polar athlete and professional triathlete

“The harder you go, the faster it’s over.”

—Vladimir Aronsky, Polar ambassador and triathlete

“Stay in control.”

—Terenzo Bozzone, Polar athlete and professional triathlete

“Strive to succeed.”

—Brian Manners, Polar ambassador and triathlete

“Undeniable, Not Alone, I Believe.”

—Kate Grace, Polar athlete and professional runner

“I repeat the word ‘fresh.’ It reminds me to open my eyes, wipe the pain-face away, and relax. Late in the race, I get a little more aggressive with myself and the phrase ‘beast mode’ comes out.”

Calum Neff, Polar ambassador and runner

“I am strong.”

—Angela Naeth, Polar athlete and professional triathlete

“What challenges you changes you. Whenever I’m struggling to keep going, I remind myself that this is where the change is made. This is how we adapt and strengthen.”

—Amanda “Tini” Martin, Polar ambassador and fitness instructor

“’Never die easy.’ It’s a Walter Payton quote.”

—Andrew Starykowicz, Polar athlete and professional triathlete

“Just keep swimming – yes, from Dory in Finding Nemo. Whatever I’m working on, whether it’s 800m repeats on a track, a three-mile bridge section on the bike, or a session in the water, I just remember to keep going. It’ll all be over sooner than I have time to gripe about it.”

—Chris McCaffrey, Polar ambassador and triathlete

“I am not a quitter. I am stronger than I think. Make yourself proud. Be a legend.”

—Regine Kachtiane, Polar ambassador and athlete

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