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Best running playlists for Polar Running Program

July 6, 2016

You know the feeling. Knees weak. Arms are heavy – even though you’ve been carbo-loading on mom’s spaghetti. Then you put on your power anthem and the fatigue’s gone. You’re ready.

Sometimes the difference between nailing or failing a running workout is the right running playlist. We put together playlists to go with the different running workouts in the Polar Running Program – the personal and ready-made running plan available for free in Polar Flow.

Before every playlist, we’ve included a screencap from Polar Flow for each of the different types of workouts. If you don’t yet know what the different intensity zones mean, read this easy-to-understand guide to heart rate zones.

Oh… for the best experience, go full retro and disable shuffle.

Easy jog playlist

This playlist is easy like a Monday morning easy jog.

Easy jog

Duration: 35 minutes

Medium run playlist

If heart rate zone 3 were a song, what song would it be? Pick your favorite from this medium run playlist.

Medium run

Duration: 45 minutes

Interval run playlist

Go hard, then go slower, then go hard again. Then go home. This interval training playlist will give you the oomph you need.

Interval run

Duration: 40 minutes

Tempo run playlist

Pick up the tempo, jump around, run away and save the world. Watch out for the sandstorms, though.

Tempo run

Duration: 40 minutes

Long run playlist

This playlist is perfect for those long, winding runs.

Long run

Duration: 80 minutes