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Best Running Songs of 2022 

Jessie Ware wants you to free yourself, Honey Dijon wants you to work, and Lizzo wants you to stop stressing. That’s what the best running songs from 2022 have to tell you. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your trainers, plug in your headphones and load up this exquisitely curated (if we do say so ourselves) running playlist for 90 minutes of workout power. We take you all the way from 100 beats per minute up to a satisfyingly sweaty 134, which means all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

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Runnings songs: 100-124 BPM

“Dancing Feet (feat. DNCE)” by Kygo (106 BPM)

We kick off to a fun start with this catchy track from Norwegian DJ Kygo and dance-rock band DNCE (fronted by Joe of Jonas Brothers fame). This song was the group’s return from their five-year hiatus, and it’s impossible to keep still when this song is on.

“Music For a Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles (107 BPM)

With Harry’s House featured on almost every album of the year chart, 2022 has been another epic year for the former One Direction star. If you’re keen to continue eating sea creatures, give this music video a miss, as it features Styles as a merman octopus that is trying to avoid being made into sushi.

“About Damn Time” by Lizzo (109 BPM)

Flute-toting singer Lizzo also had one of 2022’s most celebrated albums, and this funky number was its biggest hit. In this apparently biographical tune, the Texan singer encourages you to stop being so stressed and instead try to relax and enjoy yourself. 

“All She Wanna Do (with Saweetie)” by John Legend (112 BPM)

Multi-Grammy-winning R&B singer-songwriter John Legend teamed up with rapper Saweetie for yet another danceable running song for 2022. Fun fact: Saweetie’s uncle is MC Hammer of early-90s U Can’t Touch This fame.

“CUFF IT” by Beyoncé (115 BPM)

The dance challenge to this joyfully funky tune became one of the best things on TikTok in 2022. Your test will be trying not to drop into a hip thrust or jump into a clap while listening to this running playlist.

“Oi” by Catching Flies (120 BPM)

English DJ Catching Flies dropped this track in September, and it’s become a go-to workout song ever since. Oi has that upbeat, sunny vibe that makes you feel like you’re running along a beach on a warm day (even in the middle of winter).

“This Hell” by Rina Sawayama (121 BPM)

Japanese–British hyperpop star Rina Sawayama gets her queer country vibes on with this boot-scooting track. It feels like Shania Twain and Lady Gaga’s secret Gen Z lovechild, and the internet is completely here for it.

“iPad” by The Chainsmokers (122 BPM)

Although this electronic DJ duo doesn’t have the healthiest of names, they do have a track that will help you set your pace 9if you haven’t yet found it on this playlist). The lyrics are a little melancholic but not every workout tune has to be cheerful, right?

“Faster” by Rasster & dʌb music (122 BPM)

Sometimes, you have to wonder if a track was written specifically to be a running song. Pretty sure that’s what Russian DJ/producer Rasster had in mind when he teamed up with dʌb music to create this dance number.

“Hot In It” by Tiësto & Charli XCX (123 BPM)

Dutch DJ Tiësto dropped this song just as summer peaked, guaranteeing that everyone was sweating to it on their runs throughout the rest of 2022. If you learn anything from the music video, it’s mainly that you should never buy a mattress from English popstar Charli XCX.

“Run” by Sandëro, Marco Nobel & Badscandal (124 BPM)

A late addition to running songs for 2022, Dutch party and chill label Soave dropped this one last month, and it’s a certified motivation moment on this playlist. Not sure who provided the deep vocals out of this trio of artists, but they are lushly resonant.

“Happy Music” by Supershy & Tom Misch (124 BPM)

Nothing complicated about this joyful electronic track that bounces along with lyrics that simply say, “Happy music / That’s all I want to hear.” Turns out, Supershy and Tom Misch are the same person, as the London-based musician created an alter ego so he could put some dance music out.

“LET’S DO IT AGAIN – Radio Edit” by Jamie xx (124 BPM)

Jamie XX (of The XX fame) is back after a two-year hiatus with this house track that escalates with gospel-infused vocals to keep you pounding that pavement. It genuinely will make you want to do it again so you can experience this exercise euphoria.

“Birds (feat. Emmanuel Jal)” by Folamour (124 BPM)

Rounding off the first half of our running songs 2022 playlist is Folamour. The French DJ/producer is the master of taking vibrant disco vibes and amping them up into joyful club tracks, and this one is no exception.

running songs 2022

Runnings songs: 125-134 BPM

“Fucking Wizardry (Block Them Edit)” by Self Esteem (125 BPM)

Few break-up songs give off a ‘moving on and staying strong’ energy quite like this late single from 2021’s critically-acclaimed Prioritise Pleasure album. Self Esteem (aka Rebecca Taylor) urges the listener to trust themself, and we promise we are after this bolt of empowerment.

“Bad Thing Twice” by Carly Rae Jepsen (125 BPM)

If you aren’t into pop, then there’s a chance you may not have heard anything from Jepsen since 2012’s Call Me Maybe, but please give this song a chance. Bad Thing Twice is dripping in late 80s West Coast sultriness, showing how much the Canadian singer-songwriter’s sound has grown in the past decade.

“Everything but You” by Clean Bandit (125 BPM)

The GRAMMY-winning electronic trio returned with this as their first single for 2022. Featuring their iconically infectious mix of classical music and dance-pop, this song is bound to push you onwards.

“Work (feat. Dave Giles II, Cor.Ece & Mike Dunn)” by Honey Dijon (125 BPM)

For over two decades, DJ/producer Honey Dijon has been a stalwart of the house music scene. But in 2022, she changed gears to release her first LP, sprinkling some Black Girl Magic into your ears. Here she demands that you work, and we know by this point you really are.

“My Love – MEDUZA Remix” by Florence + The Machine (125 BPM)

This remix by the Italian electro trio MEDUZA hits hard, making it one of the biggest bangers of 2022. Florence wrote the lyrics as a “sad little poem” when she couldn’t find an outlet during the pandemic, and it turned into this incredible song.

“Sweetest Pie – David Guetta Dance Remix” by Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa (126 BPM)

This end of the running playlist is all about remixes, and this one is no exception. French DJ Guetta provides a tasty new version of the cheeky pop banger from acclaimed rapper Megan Thee Stallion and English-Albanian singer Dua Lipa.

“Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama)” by Charli XCX (128 BPM)

Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama team up for this track, which is the second appearance for both of them (lucky us). They’ve taken the noughties club anthem, Cry For You, and flipped it to make this instantly catchy song.

“Pizza Boy” by Everything Everything (128 BPM)

We featured Everything Everything on our festival workout playlist earlier this year because so much of the music from their Raw Data Feel album gives us exercise energy. Don’t blame us if you want some food delivery after your run.

“ATK” by Bonobo (128 BPM)

This dancefloor-worthy track is guaranteed to infuse you with the burst of power you need to keep going. The song is based on Dada, a tune by the late great Ghanaian guitarist Atakora Manu.

“Free Yourself – Eats Everything Remix” by Jessie Ware (128 BPM)

The last remix on this playlist and a truly insatiable one from English singer Jessie Ware. Daniel Pearce (aka Eats Everything) gives this motivational song a funky house makeover, and you’ll never be able to stop while it’s on.


No playlist from 2022 could be without a track from Rosalía, who is “pop’s most fearless superstar,” according to Rolling Stone. If you’re trying to remember what summer feels like, then watch this video for some sunshiny vibes.

“Jungle” by Fred again.. (134 BPM)

Having found fame during the pandemic, this artist was the darling on the festival scene this summer as everyone finally got to dance to his emotive spoken-word tunes. Here Fred again.. teams up with American singer Elley Duhé and English music Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) for our penultimate banger.

“Always Been” by I. JORDAN (134 BPM)

This running playlist peaks with a whimsical dance track from non-binary DJ/producer I Jordan. It’s the perfect song to keep powering with these songs on repeat or slow down your pace with its magical energy.

Don’t forget, you can play, pause, and skip tracks directly from your Polar watch with Music Controls

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