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Karolin Pilz


Favorite sports:

My favorite sport is definitely running. Sometimes more, depending on how I feel or have recovered overnight. I like fast interval running, but also very relaxed hikes and power walking. Best place for this: at the beach of course.

Fun fact:

I drink my coffee only in my own to-go cup, never in a normal cup. It tastes different to me and is definitely a fun fact about me.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

For me there is actually no embarrassing moment in sports. I think sport is about movement, fun and cohesion, as well as the authentic expression of myself. So no matter if I have a bad day, bad performance or weird moment, I´m not embarrassed.

Proudest sport moment:

When I archived my first half-marathon I was incredibly proud that I fought my way through to this point on a „normal“ Sunday Afternoon in Hamburg. As a result, I believe even more in myself and my mental, inner strength.


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