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Polar Grit X2 Pro vs. Polar Grit X Pro: What’s New?

Two and a half years ago, we introduced Polar Grit X Pro, an unstoppable combination of premium materials, a strong, sturdy build with military-grade durability, and tools and features tailored for outdoor sports and outdoor people. Since that day, we’ve been quietly exploring our limits and pushing them to the extreme. We wanted to explore new directions, reach new heights, start new adventures. Now, in 2024, we’ve unleashed a beast. And it will change the way we see the world. 

Building on the legacy of previous Polar Grit X models, Polar Grit X2 Pro takes everything you know and love about this series and elevates it. Stronger, bigger, brighter, more powerful, more beautiful, and more “Grit” than anything we’ve ever made.

Here’s how Polar Grit X2 Pro stacks up against its predecessor. Read on 👇

Polar Grit X2 Pro: Stunning Display and New design

Polar Grit X2 Pro takes the design principles of Polar Grit X Pro further. It continues to be ultra-durable and extremely, but incorporates some bigger, bolder, more rugged design decisions and elements to give a more sophisticated and modern look.

The most striking difference you’ll notice is the screen, of course. Polar Grit X2 Pro features a stunning AMOLED touchscreen display that it’s brilliant and colorful in every situation.  With a pixel density of 326 ppi and maximum brightness on 1050 nits, it is as sharp and bright as your phone screen—so bright we added a flashlight option, too.

Moreover, the screen is 15% larger, giving more room for new watch faces and customizable widgets. You’ll love the charming new digital face with a bold retro design that invokes a sense of 1980’s nostalgia.

Besides the screen, the other important design difference perhaps, is the stainless steel or titanium (in the case of Polar Grit X2 Pro Titan) front casing that not only adorns the bezel but wraps around the side profile of the watch to add more security for the components inside. And this front casing is also raised along the face of the watch to add some extra protection for the already scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass touchscreen. 

Around the edge of the watch, we’ve redesigned the buttons for improved grip, feedback, and aesthetics –– and the top left button now doubles-up as a sensor for the ECG test. We’ve also placed a ring antenna insert between the bezel and the side profile to boost the GPS signal with emphatic results. 

Developed in line with the latest military standard guidelines, or MIL-STD-810H, it’s a watch that has been tried and tested to be tried and tested––even in the most challenging environments and conditions, including high altitude, low pressure, exposure to high and low temperatures, immersion, and corrosion. 

Here’s a summary of the main design differences:

  • Hi-res 1.39” AMOLED touchscreen
  • 15% larger screen
  • Built-in flashlight
  • New watch faces
  • Customizable widgets
  • New stainless-steel or titanium front case design

New: Maps and Advanced Navigation Tools

One standout new feature is the inclusion of offline maps, offering an entirely fresh navigation experience whether you’re training or simply exploring your surroundings. You may get lost in thrill of adventure, but you’ll always know where you are, where you’re going, and how to find your way back.

Check out everything that’s new:

  • Dual-frequency GPS and new antenna design: More accurate positioning with less interference from tall buildings and bad weather.
  • Offline Maps: Stay on the right track, no matter where they are.
  • Pre-installed Europe and North America maps. Plus, you can download additional regions, continents, and detailed topographic maps for free in Polar Flow.

Of course, Polar Grit X2 Pro comes with all the navigation tools that were already present in Polar Grit X Pro, including turn-by-turn guidance by komoot, Track Back, Outdoor Dashboards, and Route & Elevation profiles. You also get the new Breadcrumb Trails feature to guide you to your starting point or a previous location.

Plus, we’re bringing Strava Routes to both Polar Grit X2 Pro and Polar Grit X Pro. From now on, Polar Flow automatically syncs with Strava to bring all your routes to your watch.With a Strava Premium subscription, you get access to their Route Planner. You can either create a new route, or even take a friend’s uploaded ride and turn that into a route.

More powerful, more capable

Only a little over of two years have passed since the introduction of the Polar Grit X Pro, but that amount of time makes a world of difference in terms of technology.

The faster processing power and larger memory included in Polar Grit X2 Pro allow faster UI transitions and actions—Polar Grit X2 Pro is snappy. Additionally, the increased storage capacity enables you to effortlessly store and access your preferred maps.

Despite the brilliant screen and the more powerful processing, Polar Grit X2 Pro retains extended battery life. In fact, Polar Grit X2 Pro will last longer, and with multiple power-save options, you’ll get up to 140 hours of training in one charge. Check out our new battery calculator to see how long Polar Grit X2 Pro battery will last.

  • Increased CPU speed: a 275MHz processor enabling a CPU speed up to 129% greater than in the previous Polar Grit X Pro for smooth UI transitions.
  • Long battery life:
    • Performance training mode (up to): 43 hours
    • Eco training mode (up to): 140 hours
    • Smartwatch mode (up to): 10 days
  • 32GB of storage: Large internal storage capacity allows the saving of several map regions to the watch.
  • USB-C charging: Polar Charge 2.0 cable with fully compatible USB-C connector for a smoother user experience.  

Polar Grit X2 Pro: Powered By Biosensing Technology

Polar Elixir™ biosensing technology is at the core of Polar Grit X2 Pro. Unlike its predecessor, this biosensing unite has a flatter, thinner design and sits comfortably on the wrist.

The latest generation of Polar’s sensor fusion technology sensor fusion technology measures more physiological and mechanical data from the human body than anything before it—analyzing a spectrum of biological markers at phenomenal speeds to provide the best, clearest insights, and personalized guidance in sports and in life.

Polar Elixir™ measures four key areas:

  • Optical Heart Rate (OHR) Gen 4: Enhanced OHR measurements with less interference and greater accuracy than ever before.
  • Wrist-ECG: Electrocardiogram readings to measure electrical signals from the heart, enabling recovery features like Orthostatic Test without the need for a heart rate monitor chest strap.
  • SpO2: Accurate blood oxygen level measurements using pulse oximetry technology.
  • Nightly Skin Temperature: Measurements of the body’s temperature variability throughout the night for enhanced insights into wellbeing and sleep.

Advanced Sleep and recovery Tools

Adventure knows no bounds, even after the sun sets. For many, the most exhilarating journeys unfold within the realms of their dreams, where imagination knows no limits and the spirit of exploration thrives.

Both Polar Grit X2 Pro and Polar Grit X Pro track your sleep and recovery at night with Polar’s state-of-the art features backed by decades of sports research, including Nightly Recharge™, Sleep Plus Stages™, and SleepWise™.

Powered by Polar Elixir™, the new Polar Grit X2 Pro adds two important sleep and recovery features: Nightly Skin Temperature—a key indicator of overall health—, and Orthostatic Test, a tool that helps balance and recovery by measuring your heart rate variability and heart rate.

This is the full list of sleep tracking and recovery features:

New Outdoor Training Tools with Polar Grit X2 Pro

Of course, Polar Grit X2 Pro and Polar Grit X Pro wouldn’t be Polar watches without the most complete suite of training tools and features. Both watches give you the right tools to track your favorite sports and activities—there are over 150 sports available. Our smart coaching features empower you to push the limits of your strength, determination, and endurance, unlocking your full potential, and explore more about your body.

The more powerful technology inside Polar Grit X2 Pro allowed us to add a few extra new features:

  • Vertical speed
  • VAM
  • 3D speed
  • Voice guidance
  • Work-rest guide
  • Improved swimming metrics.

See all Smart Coaching features.

Accessories: Standard 22mm Wristbands 

The arrival of Polar Grit X2 Pro also introduces some newly designed wristbands: 

  • The new silicone wristband features a modern stainless-steel buckle and an elegant undulating pattern next to the watch lugs. This detail assists with optical heart rate measurements by providing added flexibility to the wristband. Sweat and weather-resistant, the band feels soft against the skin while wide tongue holes increase breathability. 
  • And our all-new leather wristband is made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather with an anti-bacterial cork inner lining for premium comfort and breathability. It also includes quick-release spring bars, stylish stainless steel logo button and buckle, and an elasticated flex strap for a secure fit. 

Like the previous generations in out Grit X series, Polar Grit X2 Pro is fully compatible with standard 22mm wristbands with quick-release spring bars.

Polar Grit X2 Pro vs Polar Grit X Pro: Head-to-head

As you’ve seen so far, Polar Grit X2 Pro isn’t a small update. We’ve radically redesigned our premium outdoor sports watch to create a whole new experience, including an incredible AMOLED touchscreen, maps, the power of Polar Elixir™, and new specialized outdoor training features.

For an even more detailed comparison, head over to our comparison tool and see all the specs and features.

No need to read more? You can pre-order Polar Grit X2 today.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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