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Polar for developers


By connecting with Polar, you can link up with millions of people all over the world who love and use Polar products every day.

Joining our efforts gives you unparalleled opportunities to build on the great Polar products and services.

Android Wear

Polar M600 is a sports-optimized smartwatch powered by Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch platform.

Polar M600 offers an open platform for app development and watch face design. As a developer, you have a chance to contribute to the Polar M600 experience with the unlimited possibilities of Android Wear.


Bluetooth® Smart is a standardized, wireless communication technology that is optimized for low power consumption and based on open platform. It connects Polar devices and sensors to other devices.

Google Fit and Apple HealthKit

Fitness platforms collect fitness data from various sources, and the end users can share the data with apps of their choosing. Polar is integrating into two main fitness platforms: Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Branding guidelines

Polar brand guidelines for partners

These guidelines help our API partners to find basic principles using Polar’s brand assets.


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