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Glen Van den Bulcke


Favorite sports:

Running, obstacle course running, triathlon, (indoor) soccer & bootcamp

Fun fact:

As sports coach/manager at Fitter&Fitter, I help people on a daily basis to exercise in a healthy and correct manner. My average number of steps per day is between 25,000 and 30,000 steps.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

Giving up after 200m in the Brussels Crosscup in 2008 because I was having a bad day (and out of laziness). A day I will never forget. Since then I have never given up during a race and I never will.

Proudest sport moments:

Breaking sub 3 at Eindhoven Marathon 2018

1h19 at Egmond Half Marathon 2019

First (111) triathlon finish at Deinze 2019


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