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Amara Nwankpa


Favorite sports:

Football, running, cycling & tennis

Fun fact:

I once led a popular national movement in Nigeria called #LightUpNigeria. It was Nigeria's earliest example of social media activism.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

Several years ago, featured as a midfielder for my local team and we made it to the semi-finals. It was a tough game and our only chance fell to me. I was one on one with the goal-keeper in the 6-yard box and somehow I froze and lost the ball. We lost 1-0. I couldn't look my teammates in the eye after the match.

Proudest sport moment:

Completing the TCS Amsterdam Half Marathon in 2018. It was my first major race and I only started running a couple of years back. I've never been a long-distance runner and finishing a major race was a huge, huge achievement.


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