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Polar skiing competition 2017

Ready, steady, SKI! | Polar Ski-off 2017

This is for all you cross-country skiers out there.

In February, we’re having a XC skiing competition: the Polar Ski-Off 2017. You can choose a team lead by an athlete, rack up skiing kilometers with them and have a chance to win excellent prizes.

Polar Ski-off 2017 in a nutshell

  • 6 athletes, 6 teams
  • Each athlete has their own Polar Ski-off group in Polar Flow
  • Choose your athlete, join the group
  • Hit the tracks and collect as many skiing kilometers as you can in February
  • Keep an eye on the scorecard at skiing2017.polar.com
  • Have a chance to win a VIP package to the FIS World Cup race of your choosing on the season 2017–2018.

Who are the team leaders?

  • Kikkan Randall, USA: cross-country
  • Erik Lesser, Germany: biathlon
  • Mark Rajack, Trinidad & Tobago: cross-country
  • Kaisa Mäkäräinen, Finland: biathlon
  • Sergey Ustiugov, Russia: cross-country
  • Mona Brorsson, Sweden: biathlon

When is The Polar Ski-off 2017?

You can already join a group but the official challenge period is Feb 1 – Feb 28, 2017.

Is there a voucher code for the official polar webstore?

Yes. Scroll down to the bottom of the competition page to find a –20% voucher code for Polar V800 and Polar M400.

Sounds excellent, where can I find out more?

For the rules, daily stats, instructions and everything related to the Polar Ski-off, have a look at the competition page over at skiing2017.polar.com.

Polar Ski-off 2017 FAQ

What does XC stand for?

XC as in cross-country.

Can I run/bike instead of XC skiing?

The only way that would work is if you wore your skis while doing it and used one of the three skiing sport profiles. So no. That’s dangerous. Please don’t do that. You have been warned.

Can I participate by downhill skiing?

Nope. We’re looking for kilometers/miles in which the main driving force is you, not gravity.

Can I change teams mid-way?

Guess so. There’s no official rule against changing teams but ditching your team mates at the last minute doesn’t sound very sportsmanlike, does it?

Can I join more groups than one?

Technically yes but you should not. According to the official rules, you can only be a part of ONE group to be eligible for the prizes. “Join one of the six (6) Polar Flow Groups” means that you should only join one group.

My Polar device doesn’t have GPS. What can I do?

You can download the free Polar Beat app for iOS or Android. For heart rate, you can use the Polar H7 heart rate sensor that connects to the app.

How often will the stats be updated?

The kilometers for each team will be updated daily.

How exactly do I add my skiing kilometers to the group?

Here goes. Join your athlete’s group in Polar Flow. Track your workout with a Polar Flow compatible product that has GPS and sync it to Polar Flow. All the kilometers/miles you track in February with the three eligible sport profiles (skiing, Classic XC skiing and Freestyle XC skiing) will be automatically added to that group’s kilometers. You don’t have to post your training sessions to the group, but you can of course if you want to.

Have fun!

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