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Measure Every Move With Polar Verity Sense – Your Optical Heart Rate Sensor for Any Sport

Since we launched the world’s first wearable wireless heart rate monitor in 1982, times have changed, and so has humankind. All over the globe, people want to be the best version of themselves, and we at Polar are no different.

We know that progress doesn’t happen overnight. It requires us to work hard, constantly develop, always adapt, and fine-tune those features that have ensured the survival of the fittest since our genesis.

This is the mindset of every athlete, sports enthusiast, or curious explorer who has ever strived to be the best they can be.

It’s also the motivation behind our next generation of heart rate sensors. Polar Verity – welcome to the family.


Introducing Polar Verity Sense – the most advanced optical heart rate sensor in our genealogy.

This HR sensor has been developed using the DNA of its predecessor – Polar OH1 – to offer maximum freedom of movement and ultimate versatility.

With unrivaled accuracy and extreme reliability in optical heart rate measurement, Polar Verity Sense is the natural choice for anyone, any sport, any time.

The versatile, high-quality design makes it a great alternative to heart rate chest straps and wrist-based devices. The lightweight sensor is small but robust, packing a ton of features into a convenient, easy-to-use package that can be worn on your arm, clipped to your swimming goggles, or snugly placed anywhere on your body against your skin – perfect for when you want to concentrate on your workout without distraction.


History may define us, and perhaps there is no time like the present, but the future is just a heartbeat away.

Polar Verity Sense is built upon the years of experience, knowledge, and intuition that Polar is renowned for to meet the lifestyle demands of today – and tomorrow.

Polar Verity Sense is a new breed of OHR sensor, engineered to adapt to its environment, and it exists solely to optimize your performance in any sport.

To get moving, all you have to do is press a button, choose your training mode, put it where it feels most comfortable, and then focus on reaching your goals – your heart rate sensor will do the rest, tracking your data or recording your workout for you.

Polar Verity Sense


With the omnidirectional antenna range of up to 150m and improved connectivity options, Bluetooth® and ANT+ guarantee a large variety of devices and apps you can sync Polar Verity Sense with and equipment you can broadcast to. You can follow your heart rate in real-time simultaneously on two Bluetooth connections, and as many ANT+ devices as you need.

Simply link it to your phone or watch for workouts, so you can monitor your session as it happens and adjust your intensity however you need to.

You can also connect Polar Verity Sense to the Polar Flow app (or any fitness app) to track your training. With this heart rate sensor, the Polar Flow app gets a brand new functionality: you can record your workouts live within the app. This makes Polar Flow your all-in-one tool for tracking and analyzing your progress.


Polar Verity Sense comes with a comfortable, detachable textile armband to fit all sizes, and a clip that can be strapped to most swimming goggles – leaving your hands and wrists completely free to do the work.

With up to 30 hours of training on a single charge, the long battery life means you can forget you’re even wearing it and explore how far you can push yourself.

Packed with 16MB of internal memory, this heart rate sensor can record up to 600 hours of training time, so if you don’t want to keep an eye on your session as it happens, you can see all the data on the Polar Flow app afterward.

Swimming MOde ON

Discreet, convenient, and durable, Polar Verity Sense has been intelligently designed for all sport. And in the pool—or in open waters—, it really shines. With a waterproof depth of up to 50m, this heart rate sensor is a swimmer’s best training partner: tracking your heart rate, distance, and pace automatically in the pool.

With a simple clip, you can attach it to your goggles and get accurate heart rate information that will help you adjust your workouts to the right intensity. Pair Polar Verity Sense with a swimming tracking technology app like Phlex and you’ll get an in-depth analysis of each training session with over 30 different metrics.


Everyone. No exceptions.

Polar Verity Sense is designed to improve the performance of any individual looking for an easy-to-use solution for all levels of training, sports, and abilities – occasional exercisers and ambitious athletes, swimmers and soccer players, beginners and pros can all benefit from this versatile heart rate sensor and realize their body’s potential.

It has also been designed to work with sports teams, health clubs, and educational partners. Each member of a training group can wear individual sensors, allowing the coach, instructor, or teacher to track heart rates live and guide their group’s collective progress with Polar’s group solution apps.

With extensive API and SDK technology, it provides fitness app developers with the capability to build powerful products integrated with heart rate measurement tools, enhancing the app’s user experience with enriched data.

Polar Verity Sense is designed to help you measure every move.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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