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Keep an eye out on Tom Dumoulin | Giro d’Italia 2017

Giro d’Italia is in full swing. Tuesday, May 9, it’s time for the riders to face the first mountain stage of the Grand Tour – the grueling climb to Mount Etna.

Before the season start, we talked with one of the hopefuls for this year, Team Sunweb’s Tom Dumoulin, on his aspirations for Giro and the allure of la maglia rosa. Tom told us that working on his climbing will be one of his main objectives for this season, so keep an eye out on Tom Dumoulin on Stage 4 on Tuesday.

What made you become a cyclist?

I love sports in general and I played football for 8 years. I was searching for a way to get my energy out. First I started with athletics. I really loved running but when you’re young you have to do different things, like jump… and I couldn’t do any of that. I was just a good runner.

I started cycling by coincidence. I love it every year even more. Eventually I turned out to be quite a good cyclist after 5 years as a professional.

What is your training philosophy like?

My training philosophy is to do the right things. It’s all about making the right choice every day. You’ve got to listen to your feelings.

There’s the theoretical side: what has worked and what hasn’t worked before… The training becomes more professional every year but still you have to listen to your body. Sometimes your body just tell you it’s tired, and training’s not effective anymore.

My training philosophy’s a combination of theory and practical work. Every day you need to make the choice how hard you go and how long you go.

What are your main training goals?

This season I’m working on my climbing abilities. I need to do a lot of climbing. That may effect my time trial. Climbing’s definitely my main objective. I have to do specific training for that: going on training camps, climbing more than I used to… We’ll see how that works.

How are you preparing for Giro?

The training for a race is a bit different every time. I’m trying to do the GC [general classification] in Giro. That means I’ll be focusing on my climbing abilities. Before Giro I’ll do a lot of climbing at altitude and before the world championships in Bergen I’ll do more specific work on the time trial bike. You have a goal and you work towards that goal.

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