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Indie 2022

Alt-Indie Energy Playlist 2022 | Your New Summer Workout Anthems 

Finding a workout playlist when you aren’t into power pop or club bangers can be tricky. If soaring guitars and catchy choruses are more your style, then search no more. The Polar team is here to save you with some of the freshest indie and alternative tunes for 2022. 

We’ve handpicked these eleven audio gems for their upbeat BPM and inspiringly spirited power so you can plug your headphones in and go. No matter what kind of workout you’re doing this summer put this Spotify playlist on and get a giddy dose of alternative energy.  

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“Burning Bridges” by Sigrid (117 BPM) 

Soaring strings and massive drums drive this flawless pop anthem about lost connections and break-ups. It’s the right song to burn some calories at the gym or on the dance floor. 

This song is the perfect burst of wild indie energy that your workout needs.

“Teletype” by Everything Everything (120 BPM) 

Occasionally you’ll hear lead singer, Jonathan Higgs, gasp for breath on this relentless new track from the Manchester art-rock band. Think glitchy data noises that sound similar to your old dial-up modem matched with half-spoken/sung lyrics that are this band’s signature sound. Clocking in under four minutes, this song is the perfect burst of wild indie energy that your workout needs. 

“Warpaint” by Monophonics & Kelly Finnigan (127 BPM) 

Don’t be fooled by the gentle start to this psychedelic soul number from California’s Monophonics, as it builds you into a groovy frenzy by the time you hit the one-minute mark. Fans of Jungle will love this similarly contemporary take on rootsy R&B energy. Their lead singer, Kelly Finnigan, has a soaring, emotive voice that pushes you onwards, precisely what you need when you feel you’re beginning to run out of steam.  

Where has The Clash been hiding this previously unreleased gem for the past 40 years?

“Rock the Casbah (Ranking Roger)” by The Clash (130 BPM) 

Where has The Clash been hiding this previously unreleased gem for the past 40 years? Featuring the ska-infused vocals of the late Rankin Roger (lead singer of the two-tone band The Beat), this new version could possibly trump the original for us. It’s impossible to keep still as Roger’s exuberant stylings bring some sunny energy to your workouts to keep you powering through the summer. 

“Rivers Cuomo” by Yawners (134 BPM) 

Named for Weezer’s lead singer, this song is a jangly, guitar-centric sing-along by a power-pop outfit from Madrid. The irresistible chorus will get you in the zone in no time. 

A true indie anthem for summer 2022.  

“Unnecessary Drama” by Belle and Sebastian (144 BPM) 

That’s right: the twee Glasgow stylings of Belle and Sebastian on a workout playlist. We’re as surprised as you are – but this track belts it out at a whopping 144 BPM. The buoyantly post-pandemic lyrics have exactly the vibe we’re all looking for. Add some siren-sounding harmonicas and a catchy chorus that makes you want to shout, “This is my life/ This is my so-called life,” and you have a true indie anthem for summer 2022.  

“Talk Over Town” by Katy J Pearson (145 BPM) 

The War on Drugs fans will enjoy the gorgeous gliding combo of guitar and synth that open this song from the Bristol-based singer/songwriter. Prepare yourself for all the restless summer energy packed into this near 6-minute track that will make you want to grab your trainers and go running every time this song slides in on your playlist. We won’t tell anyone if you just put this one on repeat and let its pace carry you onwards. 

 This song’s easygoing and casual vibe calls for a recovery workout.

“The Way It Shatters” by Rolling Black Coastal Fever (166 BPM) 

Not every day is HIIT day. Rather than inspire you to go all out, this song’s easygoing and casual vibe calls for a recovery workout – a break to let the body repair itself and come back stronger. 

“Sledge” by Dance with the Dead (166 BPM) 

Inspired by John Carpenter and 1980s horror films, Dance with the Dead blends heavy metal guitars and synths to create super danceable retro electro-rock tunes. 

The duo’s uplifting hyper-pop will help you push it harder to burn some extra calories. 

“Doritos & Fritos” by 100 Grecs (172 BPM) 

This song’s title might make you think of a not-so-healthy post-workout snack, but don’t worry, the duo’s uplifting hyper-pop will help you push it harder to burn some extra calories. 

“Free” by Florence + The Machine (175 BPM) 

If you’re lifting kettlebells “a hundred times a day” during the summer, this track from Florence + The Machine’s latest album is ideally in sync with your workout. You’ll find yourself repeating the mantra of “Picks me up/Puts me down” along with the song as you do your strength training. The song is actually about mental health, and the Wes Anderson-esque music video features the ever-dapper Bill Nighy playing Florence’s anxiety.  

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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