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21 reasons to run | Running motivation

July 5, 2016

1. “Running is my favorite way to explore the nature, new trails and new places.”

– Bart Aernouts, BMC-Etixx pro triathlete

2. “I refuse to limit where my running can take me.”

– Steve Williams

3. “Running shows my kids that fitness is fun.”

– Jenny Hodges

4. “Running gives you freedom no matter where you are in the world. Some days I can mentally switch off and enjoy the beauty of exploration. Then at other time I find myself getting the same enjoyment from leaving every last ounce of energy on the track.”

– David McNamee, BMC-Etixx pro triathlete

5. “I run to feel free.”

– Calum Neff

6. “Zone out. Test my limits. Clear my head.”

– Sarah Piampiano

I run because it’s saving my life.

7. “I run because for me it’s never enough. Overcoming a non-sports background or winning an Ironman has never been enough, I always want to run faster, set the bar higher. It’s my drug, I’m addicted to it.”

– Pedro Gomes

8. “I run to set the example.”

– Matthew Vance

9. “I run because I want to be as fast as possible in the races!”

– Will Clarke, BMC-Etixx pro triathlete

10. “I feel free when I run. I’m in harmony with nature, far from all my little problems.”

– Romain Guillaume, BMC-Etixx

Feeling free when running

11. “I was told I would never be able to run and it feels good to prove people wrong.”

– Andi Swanson

12. “I run because it’s saving my life.”

– Katie Bolden

13. “I love to pursue the feeling of effortless ‘flowlike’ running”

– Ronnie Schildknecht, BMC-Etixx pro triathlete

14. “I run for the dreamers who aren’t yet the doers and to fight my battle against RA!”

– Tammy Means

15. “Sometimes I feel like I’m flying during my runs, like I’m barely touching the ground at all. It takes work to reach that point, but it’s the best feeling in the world. “

– Sofie Goos, BMC-Etixx pro triathlete

16. “I run because there’s no better way to find my center.”

– Dutch DeGay

17. “My dad died at 46. I’m running away from heart disease.”

– Dave McGovern

18. “I run to beat my fibromyalgia.“

– Angela Lynn Marchetti

Zone out. Test my limits. Clear my head.

19. “I love the endorphin rush after a hard run workout.”

– Liz Blatchford, BMC-Etixx pro triathlete

20. “I run because every time I do, no matter the pace, I learn something new about myself and my strength.”

– Heather Quinlan

21. “Each step, mile, and goal I hit makes me feel capable of anything.”

– Brianne Connor