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Finding your limits | Enduro Jura 2017

June 8, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a master detective or an amateur sleuth who pieces together bits of evidence to find the solution to a problem or the answer to a burning question? Now’s your chance! Well, okay, tomorrow’s your chance because on Friday June 9 we’ll be organizing a little something related to the Enduro Jura MTB event in France. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • This story will give you some background info on Enduro Jura
  • It’ll also include hints and resources on a Specific Topic
  • On Friday, we’ll host a little something on Facebook and ask you to answer The Question Related to the Specific Topic.

All clear? Now it’s time to meet your guides: Enduro Jura co-organizer and MTB rider François Bailly-Maître and the Gehrig Twins, pro MTB riders Anita and Carolin. We asked them what Enduro Jura is all about.

Getting to know Enduro Jura

François: Enduro Jura is an all-inclusive mountain bike enduro event. Enduro could be compared to rallying – with timed stages and transfers. Timed stages happening mainly on the way down. Both technical and physical skills are required to perform in enduro. We wanted this event in the original spirit of that sport. That means blind racing, long stages, good mix with physical parts and downhill on mostly natural trails.

Some people think that because riders are going downhill it means that their heart rate will stay low, but enduro is a very intense sport during the stages, as you’ll see from my Polar Flow graph.

Heart rate during Enduro Jura
François’s heart rate doing a trial run on this year’s Enduro Jura course. If racing, his HR would likely be higher.

What is this year’s course like?

François: It’s one of the most technical races because of the trails. It’s steep, rocky and fast. The diversity of terrain is huge and it can be very slippery too when it’s rainy. We get more than 5,000 m of vertical drop during the weekend.

How do you train for an event like Enduro Jura?

Gehrig Twins: Enduro Jura is held as a “blind” event. That means we don’t get to practice the stages before we race them. It’s a format that we don’t race often. To prepare for this format we will definitely go shred some new trails and try to ride them as fast as possible on the first go, like in the race.

The toughest part is definitely the little-to-non-existent practice time on the stages and being forced to read a trail on high speeds and find the fastest line intuitively. Also the days of racing are pretty long so you need to be able to get yourself and your bike through a whole day of racing and try to be consistently fast.

Putting it all together

So, there we go. Enduro Jura is an MTB event full of excitement and close-calls. Something like that is bound to get your heart pumping – fast. Wink wink. There’s one particularly interesting stage in the race, aptly called the Polar Stage. Tune in tomorrow and check out our Facebook page for a special little activity that might have something to do with the new Polar M460, maximum efforts and the Gehrig Twins.

If you’re reading this on Friday, you’ll already know what The Question Related to the Specific Topic is. Below is some information and inspiration that may help you make an educated guess.

The Gehrig Twins: Anita and Carolin

  • Date of birth: July 9, 1987
  • Height: 1,78 m
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Resting heart rate: 46

Heart rate training and heart rate zones

Here’s some further reading related to the most important muscle in your body:

The Polar Stage in Enduro Jura 2017

Enduro Jura 2017

  • Length: 3,7 km
  • Estimated completion time: 8–10 min
  • Descent: c. 500 m
  • Description: “First section is good fun and flowy. After the neutralized section, it starts to get more technical and narrow. Slow is fast!”
  • François’ Polar Flow session of him riding the full course: Polar stage is the section between lap markers 1 and 2 (as seen below)
Enduro Jura heart rate
François riding the Polar Stage – tracked with the Polar M460 GPS bike computer

the Gehrig Twins on Enduro and crashing

That’s all for now! Keep an eye on Polar’s Facebook page tomorrow Friday June 9 and check back once you know The Question so that you may have a better chance of finding The Answer.