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Be inspired by success stories, get motivation tips and read about all things worthy of a motivational quote.

Watch Improved training analysis available now on Polar Flow | Video

Improved training analysis available now on Polar Flow | Video

We made training analysis more thorough than ever. Open any individual training session and dig deeper into the details with the improvements in Polar Flow’s training analysis view – available now in the web service. Watch the video to learn more.

March 22, 2017
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Camille Herron uses sports science to run farther and faster

Camille Herron’s scientific approach to endurance running has helped her succeed on road and trial. Read how she uses effort level instead of pace to guide her training.

March 21, 2017
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5 ways to explore the world with Polar Flow Explore

Looking for new routes? Want to know how others are training around the world? Try out the updated Explore view in Polar Flow.

March 14, 2017
Watch How to use the Polar Flow Explore view | Video

How to use the Polar Flow Explore view | Video

Watch the video to get to know the updated Polar Flow Explore view and get ready to explore the world.

March 14, 2017
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40 years of incredible firsts | Let’s talk Polar

2017 marks a special year for Polar. Exactly 40 years ago, in 1977, Polar filed for its first patent and took the first step towards claiming the title of the pioneer of wearable sports technology. Read more about our incredible firsts.

March 8, 2017
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Polar Ski-off 2017 | Results and final stats

Here are the final results for the Polar Ski-off 2017 XC skiing competition. And the winner is…

March 3, 2017
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Plyometric exercises and why you should try them

Polar ambassador and personal trainer Lucy Young gives you the lowdown on plyometric exercises and their benefits. Read more, learn more and put those fast-twitch muscle fibers to work.

March 2, 2017
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The treasure hunt begins this Friday | #PolarM200

This Friday you have a unique chance to take part in a real-life treasure hunt in selected cities all over the world. Read more.

February 22, 2017
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Better together | Jim Guimond finds a lot of good in group fitness

Polar Master Trainer Jim Guimond says group fitness and wearable tech can help you succeed in your fitness and health efforts. Learn how seeking out social interaction can bolster motivation and accountability, and how training technology tools can help you stay on track.

February 21, 2017

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