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Since the first Polar heart rate monitor was developed in 1982, Polar Electro has been committed to conducting innovative physiological and sports medical research. In fact, all of the features in Polar products are based upon scientific work and are in accordance with recommendations from the world’s leading sports medicine authorities. In addition to its own in-house research and development, Polar Electro is also involved in co-operation with a number of research institutions worldwide, the results of which have been presented in many scientific congresses and published in international scientific papers. Besides individuals interested in their personal well-being, Polar heart rate monitoring and analyzing technology has been used by numerous researchers in the fields of sports, exercise and health. In the following sections you’ll find numerous articles about the research we, and other organisations have carried out in relation to Polar products and exercise training.

Research Index

If you want a more insightful understanding of our heart rate monitors, you’ll find just what you’re looking for within our Research Index section. Updated twice a year, it’s an essential tool for seeking out published physiological and medical exercise and health studies, as well as technology research involving Polar products. The articles are listed under several different categories and are presented according to their published year. Complete reference information is given for each study, so the original work is easy to obtain from the library and reprint requests can be sent directly to the author.

Research guidelines

At Polar, we are always open to suggestions from our readers as to ways in which we can improve our products. That’s why we set up Research Guidelines. Inside, you’ll find information about how to proceed if you’re interested in conducting or proposing a collaborative research study with the Polar Company. The document, which is updated annually, certifies that Polar Electro is involved in the high quality research of exercise sciences, and that as a company, we are interested in the furthering of studies. After all, in doing so they can help us to create more effective products. So if you want to share your thoughts, the Research Guidelines will show you how.

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