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You can now edit your sleep data on Polar Flow

You Can Now Edit Your Sleep Data on Polar Flow

We’ve all been there. You roll over in the morning, and the first thing you see as your eyes open is your Polar sports watch – not on your wrist. That’s right, you ended up not wearing it while you slept, and now you’ve missed out on a whole night of sleep data.

Now, with the latest update, you can edit your sleep data in Polar Flow’s mobile app. This change makes it easy to add in a missed snooze session or amend your wake time etc. 

We caught up with Janne Karjalainen, who is part of the team behind this new feature, about the what, when, and why of editing your Polar sleep data.

Why would someone need to edit their sleep data?

Some people don’t like to wear a watch overnight.

Personally, I sometimes forget and leave my watch on the charger overnight, so I miss my sleep data that way. Now I have the option to add sleep times via my Polar Flow mobile app. 

Polar has totally automatic sleep detection 24/7, so you never need to think about it as your watch does all the work for you. However, some people don’t like to wear a watch overnight. For others, they occasionally notice that their fell asleep time or woke-up time is incorrect. So, this update helps them still track their sleep patterns.

Are there any time restrictions on editing your sleep data?

Yes, you can only edit your data for the previous seven days.

Which Polar devices support this update?

Editing sleep data is enabled for all the users who have a device that measures Polar Sleep Plus and/or Sleep Plus Stages. The easiest way to know is to check if you can see the sleep view in your Polar Flow mobile application.

For Polar M2 and Ignite 2 with the latest release, we have improved the algorithms even more, which are utilized in sleep phase calculations once sleep times are edited. (More device releases coming later on with this functionality).

What kind of sleep data can you amend? And how would this change your other daily metrics?

Typically, your Nightly Recharge will change, and you may see some difference in your sleep feedback/tips too. 

With this update, you can now:

  • Change the sleep timing of detected sleep or revert to the originally detected sleep
  • Add new sleep
  • Delete one sleep period at a time

When changing, users can only edit their fell asleep and woke-up times. However, these changes affect calculations in the backend side of your device, which you will see the effects elsewhere.

Typically, your Nightly Recharge will change, and you may see some difference in your sleep feedback/tips too. Also, training suggestions may adjust themselves to reflect your amended sleep data. 

Where can you edit your sleep data? 

Editing your sleep time can be done only in the Polar Flow mobile app.

Editing your sleep time can be done only in the Polar Flow mobile app. But once you have done your editing, results will show up on Polar Flow’s website in the Sleep Report.

How do I edit my sleep data in Polar Flow?

There are step-by-step instructions with images on how you can do this in the mobile app here.

How quickly does this update the data on your device?

Once you have synced your device, the data is updated to your wrist unit as well.

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