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Polar Ignite 2

Exude Confidence In Action With Polar Ignite 2 – Your 24/7 Lifestyle Watch

Life is naturally filled with ups and downs – it would be no fun without them – but the choices we make in our everyday decisions can help us take control of our future. 

We all want to feel good and live healthy – the key is confidence: confidence to express ourselves, confidence to live boldly, confidence to DREAM BIG. 

The Polar Ignite 2 lifestyle watch empowers everyone and anyone to exude that confidence in action.


The Polar Ignite 2 has been designed with you in mind – it’s beautiful, easy to use, and it’s packed with features to ensure you stay on top of your game. 

With ready-made workout suggestions, sleep and recovery guidance and a whole bunch of essential smartwatch features, you can feel confident in any situation, knowing that all your lifestyle and fitness needs are with you 24/7. All this comes in a beautifully designed, customizable watch that expresses your personality and ambitions.  

With amazing tech features, like integrated GPS and Polar’s world-renowned wrist-based heart rate technology straight out of the box, the Polar Ignite 2 is also ready-to-wear, helping you make easy work of life.

The 24/7 lifestyle watch

A fitness watch that’s sleek, simple and smart? 

Yep, the Polar Ignite 2 really is a triple threat – it’s the perfect companion for any sport and any lifestyle. 

It exists to harmonize the balance between your fitness goals and the demands of daily life. Personal training guidance and sleep and recovery tracking are all built in, but you can also manage your day with music controls, weather reports and push notifications all from your wrist. 

And, with up to 5 days of battery life and new power-save options offering up to 20 hours of continuous training time, you can be confident 24/7, whenever and wherever you choose. 


Let yourself glow with Polar Ignite 2

With a variety of colors and accessory bands to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your personality and let your character shine. 

The thin, lightweight, but durable design gives you a stylish fitness watch beautifully framed by a decorated stainless-steel bezel and a color, touchscreen display that can be customized to match your mood and your needs. 

Whether you want to see your daily activity, get insights on your sleep, or smash your training goals, you can select the dashboards that work for you and exclude the ones that don’t – the decision is yours. 

It’s a beautiful watch that gives you everything you need to realize your dreams.

beauty for the beast in you

Although the Polar Ignite 2 looks incredible (and it really does!), it’s not just a fashion accessory – even though you could choose to pick an elegant wristband embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. 

We prefer to think of it more as a life accessory. 

Clear and simple personalized data means the Ignite 2 can help you develop healthy habits and fitness routines so you can stay motivated and crush your life goals. 

And, with a fistful of clever applications such as Nightly Recharge™Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep tracking and Serene™ breathing exercise, as well as FitSpark™ workout guide, you get customized guidance and weekly summaries for you to compare your training history and track your progress. 

Past You vs Present You is no contest!


Big dreams need good sleep and with this 24/7 lifestyle watch, you’ll get sleep and recovery data that can help you understand your body better and learn how important quality sleep is for your overall health and wellbeing. 

The Polar Ignite 2 also highlights your energy sources so you can begin to understand your energy expenditure and make adjustments to support your goals. 

With Training Load Pro and Polar Running Program, you’ll get training plans and insights to support and boost your sessions. 

You can then view all your data using the Polar Flow app in a clear, easy to understand way.


Anyone who wants to feel good all day, every day.  

The Polar Ignite 2 has been designed to balance your lifestyle, wellbeing, and training goals.  

It empowers you to live boldly, express yourself, dream big and own your days. 

To put it shortly: The Polar Ignite 2 is confidence in action.


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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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