Club Management by Polar

Club Management by Polar is developed specifically for the club business, combining all functional fields of club management into one easy-to-use system. With all essential features, this club management tool strengthens club operations and at the same time ensures that resources are allocated properly. This way Club Management by Polar provides personnel with more time to actually serve the club members. Being web-based software, Club Management by Polar enables real-time reporting and resource planning regardless of the location.

Benefits for the club owner

Club Management by Polar offers a wide selection of powerful tools for club owners in one single package. This system allows you to easily manage your customer relationships with up-to-date member registers. With Club Management by Polar, you can also accurately follow attendance and membership rate development and see your utilization rate, product sales, and different figures in extensive real-time reports.

Management of classes and instructors allows for effective group exercise class scheduling and optimal workload planning, maximizing employee productivity. Over time, classes with only few participants can be pointed out and optimized.

Tools for billing, cash purchase, direct debiting and accounting in one system ensure effective management of your cash flows. This makes financial administration easier and more efficient with the accurate financial status reports which can be printed out from the system. Club Management by Polar provides all of this regardless of the location, since it’s web-based software.

Benefits for the instructors

Easy-to-use club management features in the same system release resources as the employees can focus on their daily responsibilities and actually serve your club members. With Club Management by Polar it is easy to follow and optimize the amount of work and its load on every instructor. The system also includes tools for training follow-up and analysis, making possible the in-depth analysis of the training of each club member. Club Management by Polar also offers tools for membership and corporate sales.

Benefits for the club members

Club Management by Polar serves your members in a more efficient and flexible way, which improves your club’s image and respect. Club members get a customer-centric feeling when they can get personal service in your club. The system also allows club members to reserve classes and see their personal booking schedule, recent visit history and open bills with their own user ID via the web.

The system’s follow-up tools for instructors allow club members to get personal guidance in their training, helping them to reach their fitness targets. Club Management by Polar also gives more flexibility into club visits with automatic access control. In addition, targeted customer communication via e-mail or text messaging to mobile phone keeps club members on track with what’s happening at your club.