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Are You Getting Enough Exercise to Maintain Your Health?


Kempele, Finland, 5th Feb 2007

Are you getting enough exercise? According to the World Health Organisation at least 60% of the global population fails to achieve 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day; an amount the American College of Sports Medicine recommend for basic health maintenance. Polar Electro, pioneer and leading innovator of sports instruments and heart rate monitors, today announced the launch of the POLAR AW200, a wrist watch that uses new Activity Technology to sense your body movement and help you develop a better understanding of how much and how beneficial your exercise is.

For Polar, a company well known by athletes, sports professionals and fitness enthusiasts, the AW200 is a completely new product targeted for people who are keen to maintain their basic health and fitness.

"Developing and following an exercise program requires a high level of commitment and we realise this can be off-putting for much of the population." says Jörgen Michelsson, VP of Marketing, Polar Electro OY. "Activity Technology and the AW200 were developed for this reason. As a watch designed for everyday wear, just go out for a walk and the AW200 will track the amount and intensity of your activity."

Polar's products are renowned for precision measurement and motivational features as well as providing inspiration and guidance and the AW200 is no different. Checking the health beneficial quality of your movement and calculating your real-time energy expenditure (calories) with startling accuracy, the watch helps you to better understand the value of your exercise so you know when you are getting enough in your daily life.

The Polar AW200 will be available in April through Polar authorised resellers across Europe, North America and Canada.

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