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Welcome to life on the pulse | Polar A370

September 4, 2017

Fall is the time to get balanced, motivated and energized after a long and relaxing summer – it’s the time to get back on the pulse. Here in the Polar Blog we’ll be searching for that balance and pulse with Polar A370, our new fitness tracker with continuous heart rate and Polar Sleep Plus™.

For the next ten weeks, we will be talking about themes such as fitness, health, sleep and motivation – anything that goes into life with Polar A370. We’ll be sharing some useful tips, inspirational stories and interesting ideas, so make sure to keep following the journey.

How to live on the pulse

Here’s how to keep up with life on the pulse:

1. Get to know Polar A370.

Polar A370 is our sleek and sporty fitness tracker with continuous wrist-based heart rate, Polar Sleep Plus sleep tracking, Polar’s trusted training guidance and much much more. It was designed to be a companion that keeps you on the pulse 24/7 365. If you’re not yet familiar with it, you can start here.

2. Keep an eye on the blog

For the upcoming weeks, the Polar Blog is the home of all things on the pulse. You’ll get to meet interesting people, hear how pro athletes maintain the balance and learn more about how to make the most of all the Polar A370 goodness. Make sure to follow the tag Polar A370 to keep up. We’ll be posting something new several times a week, so keep checking back regularly.

3. Follow the #

Our Polar A370 friends from all around the world will be sharing their journey too, so make sure to check out #PolarA370 to see what they’ve been up to. And most importantly, if you’ve got a Polar A370 of your own, we’d love it if you shared your own stories with the Polar community.

Ready to discover the pulse? Get started by watching this video.