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Run for the Oceans 2022: Let’s Run to End Plastic Waste

Do you want to help end plastic waste through running? Yes? Lace up your shoes, start a running workout on your Polar watch, and log miles and miles because this month, every mile will be more meaningful and impactful thanks to the Run For The Oceans 2022 campaign.

At Polar, we are committed to improving sports performance and supporting healthier lifestyles, but we also want to help promote a more sustainable future for our planet.

Plastic pollution is an increasing danger to our world’s seas, affecting at least 700 marine species. That’s why we’re excited to join Run For The Oceans 2022 and proud to be part of the phenomena that unites people across the globe to run and help end plastic waste.

What Is Run For The Oceans?

From May 9, you can sign up to the Run For The Oceans 2022 challenge and join a millions-strong global movement of conscious athletes.

For every 10 minutes you run between May 23-June 8, adidas and Parley for the Oceans will clean up the weight equivalent of 1 plastic bottle from beaches and coastal communities, with a max weight of 250,000kg/500,000 lbs.

With Run For The Oceans 2022 we can harness the power of sport to increase awareness for the threat of marine plastic waste and with this campaign we can all take an active part in raising funds for to fight against the marine plastic pollution.

Here’s How You Can Help

By signing up to the challenge, you’ll contribute to clean up plastic waste from our oceans. Here’s how Run For The Oceans works:

  1. Download the adidas Running app here.
  2. Sign up for Run For The Oceans to join the challenge.
  3. Run, run, run! ??
  4. Sync and log all your runs from May 23-June 8 to the adidas Running app.

Once you have joined the challenge, you are ready to make every 10 minutes of running meaningful. Remember every 10 minutes of running equals the weight of 1 plastic bottle clean up from beaches and coastal communities.

Run as much as you can. Run longer. Run For The Oceans!

Need some inspiration?

Sometimes a little bit of healthy competition can help your running. Share the Run For The Oceans challenge with friends and family and see who can log more miles to help end plastic waste.

Need an extra push? Check out our latest running watches: Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro.

Want to Know More?

Read more information about the campaign here.

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