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Polar V800 + GoPro: Data overlay out now

Ready, set, FILM!

Remember the remote control functionality for Polar V800 and GoPro we released earlier this year? Now we’re proud to announce that the saga continues: you can now overlay your heart rate, altitude, and speed from your Polar V800 into your GoPro videos.

Now, getting the overlay on your vids requires some tech work. The easiest way to get started is by reading these instructions.

Edit January 30, 2018: GoPro has discontinued their Developer Program, which provided SDKs to Polar to build connectivity to GoPro cameras. As a result, this will limit our ability to provide continuous support for connectivity to future GoPro cameras.

Photo credits: Kike Abelleira

Riding with a pro: INTERVIEW WITH François Bailly-Maître

To demonstrate what the overlay looks like, we asked one of our athletes, MTB enduro rider François Bailly-Maître, to do a quick ride with GoPro and Polar V800. He also told us a little about enduro and his career. Check out the video and get to know the life of an enduro rider.


Name: François Bailly-Maître
Age: 32
How long have you been riding enduro? 7 years.


  • 2nd, EWS La Thuile Italy
  • 8th overall, EWS 2016
  • 2nd, Mégavalanche Alpe d’Huez
  • Winner, TransProvence
  • Winner, AndesPacifico
  • Winner, Mégavalanche La Réunion

If you had to describe enduro in three words, what would they be?

Wild because you’re riding tons of natural and unknown trails, sometimes in very wild areas.

Commitment because you can’t know every trail perfectly – you need to be 100% committed and reactive.

Friendship because the spirit of the enduro community is amazing!

From a rider’s perspective, how does enduro differ from other mountain biking disciplines?

I would say it’s the effort that everyone puts in for a ride: enjoying the climb at a low pace and just enjoying the ride on the way down with your best friends. And at the bottom, just telling the story about your own run and hearing about everyone else’s runs!

What do you love most about enduro?

Being with good friends in proper mountains on natural trails. Alpine trails are my favorite.

GPS allows you to share, find the good spots and if you’re lost it allows you to find your way back!

 François Bailly-Maître

What benefits do you get from heart rate monitoring and GPS?

For training, HR is still very important and I like to know how hard I’m pushing especially in the transition stages. GPS allows you to share, find the good spots and if you’re lost it allows you to find your way back!

An enduro race consists of the timed downhill race stages and untimed uphill transfers. How does your heart rate behave during a race?

My heart rate is definitely higher during the stages even if it’s going down, and it’s never going really low even if I don’t have to pedal. It’s still very physical all the time as you have to push on the pedals, lean the bike, move from front to rear…

The transfers can make you really tired if you are not really fit, and it gets harder be to concentrated, focused and efficient on the following timed stage. So, you need to know your pace in the climb to reach the top of the stage in the better conditions, with a good timing.

How do you use Polar as part of your training?

Polar helps me to know myself better. You know what effort you can hold for 1 hour, or for 30 min… When I’m training, I also use a power meter connected to my Polar V800. It allows me to work on the appropriate effort zone. For example, sometimes I work in zone 5 which is very important for enduro. When we have to pedal, it’s very intense and we have to be able to handle the strong effort. Sometimes I just use zone 4 – this one helps me to keep the pace all the way through the stage.

POLAR V800 + GOPRO In a nutshell

  • Overlay your heart rate and altitude data on your videos
  • Available with Polar V800
  • You need to use Dashware and the Polar template – see the instructions here
  • Compatible GoPro models: GoPro HERO4 Black/Silver, GoPro HERO5 Black/Session, and GoPro HERO6 Black

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