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New Polar Sports Profiles | Update Your Adventures

From kettlebells to stand-up paddleboarding, Polar has a bunch of exciting new sports profiles! Eighteen more options to sync up with your outdoor adventures and exercise styles. 

These new sports profiles are a great addition to the huge range already available. With a whopping 150 sports and outdoor activities to choose from, Polar makes it easy to train with a customized view and tailored tracking metrics for your preferred workouts.

Check out these great new sports profiles, and then see below how to update your Polar device with your faves! You’ll be rewarded with great insights and recovery feedback for every way you want to be active.

Car racing

The first in a big update for motorsport fans! Polar is introducing a wide range of sports profiles for those who love to add some engine to their adventures, with this one for F1 enthusiasts who know the workout that racing gives them.

Climbing (outdoor)

In addition to indoor climbing, you can now track your outdoor ones too. Whether you are bouldering with a friend or joining a group of trad climbers for a group session, add this sports profile for your next adventure.

Cross-country running

What is the difference between trail running and cross-country? One is about long distances on a specific trail, while the other is a competition on a shorter course, often involving multiple laps with varied terrain. Anyone else having high school flashbacks?


Always a highlight of the Winter Olympics, curling is sweeping in (get it?) with its own sports profile for fans of this icy pursuit. Fun fact: there are 1.5 million registered curling players worldwide. Now that is a lot of brooms.

Electric biking

Different from all the other bike-based options already available (cycling, indoor cycling, mountain biking, and road cycling) electric biking means you can choose how much effort you want to put into your ride. At least you never need to worry about hills ever again.


Did you know that enduros date back to the 1920s? Imagine what cross-country motorbike rallies looked like a century ago! These days, dirt bike enthusiasts take these endurance events to thrilling heights.

Hard enduro

Not satisfied with ‘simple’ enduro? This motocross sport will test your technique and will as you tackle some of the most extreme terrains around. It’s not called hard for nothing.


Anyone who stepped up their at-home strength training during lockdown will know what these are. Try our three-part kettlebell workout and make your whole body ache (in a good way).


Off-road motorcycle racers, Polar has you covered. Track the physical demands of all those jumps and mud (so much mud) as you power around in a feat of impressive endurance.


With not one but seven new sports profiles about motorsports now available on Polar, there is an abundance of options for those who love the many different types of engine-driven racing available. 


Anyone for padel? This racket sport is a mixture of tennis and squash. Fun fact: padel is having a real moment in Italy, where padel courts have increased fivefold since the start of the pandemic, making it likely to become the most practiced sport after football.

Road racing

Know the difference between a race car and a road one? Well, alloy enthusiasts will be excited to speed into summer with this new sports profile.


Whether you’re into grinding on the street or mastering your fakie at the park, skateboarding is now available to track on Polar. It won’t stop you from faceplanting off your board, but you will be able to track your heart rate when you finally land that elusive trick.


Love taking your snowmobile out for a spin? How about racing it at up to 60 miles per hour? This new sports profile is prime for thrill-seeking winter adventurers.


What’s SUP? Stand-up paddleboarding is. Not only is SUP a fun way to explore the waterways around you, but it also comes with the added benefit of giving your a full-body workout.


Did you know that taekwondo literally translates as the art of kicking and punching? This Korean martial art pretty much does exactly that, teaching discipline, self-defense, and some seriously impressive head-height kicks.

Water running

Aqua jogging, pool running, deep water running, water jogging – this sport comes with many names. This zero-impact workout is popular for those with running injuries and those looking for some cross-training with a difference.

Water sports

Polar already has a wide range of water-based sports covered, from surfing to kayaking and aqua fitness covered. So, this profile is for those who love the challenge of mixing volleyball, basketball, or polo with H2O.

add the new sports profiles to your Polar device

Easy – jump onto your Polar Flow app, navigate to the Sports Profiles section on the menu, and then you can add and re-order your favorite ones to suit your exercise styles. 

Can’t see the new options? Check if you have the latest firmware on your device.

Need more info? Read more about editing your sports profiles

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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