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10 At-home Workouts | Infographic

Sometimes you just don’t have time to hit the gym (or just don’t feel like it) and working out at home seems like a more viable option. But how to get going if you’re out of workout ideas or inspiration?

Here are 10 different at-home workouts for you to try. You can do these exercises at home – or anywhere you’d like – no matter your level of fitness, access to equipment or space.

Here’s a little something for everyone and every mindset – whether you’re looking to get your sweat on or in need of a more relaxing, restorative session after a busy, stressful day.

Check out the instructions first and then scroll down to the infographic to start your at-home workout.

at-home workouts to choose from

1. Bodyweight exercises at home

No gym equipment necessary! You can work your whole body with these 9 bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

2. Yoga

Grab some clear floor space and 20 minutes to try this full-body restorative yoga workout.

3. Resistance training using household objects

Take advantage of what you have around the house and enjoy a great whole body blast.

4. Approx. 20-minute HIIT session –  beginner

This HIIT session is meant for beginners. If you’re new to bodyweight training, take extra caution and perform each move with good form. Do each move as many times as instructed, then rest for 60 seconds before beginning the next set of moves.

Take your time and take extra breaks if you need them.

Once you’ve done each set of moves once, you’re done and you can give yourself a high-five! Remember to warm up and cool down.

5. Approx. 20-minute HIIT session – intermediate

This HIIT session is meant for intermediate exercisers. Remember to perform each move with good form – and remember that while you do want this session to be challenging, you don’t want to go too hard, too fast. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.

6. Approx. 20-minute HIIT session – advanced

This HIIT session is meant for more advanced exercisers who have nailed their technique and are in good shape. You can perform this advanced HIIT workout at 90–100% of maximum effort for a brilliant 20 (or-so) minute session. Remember to warm up and cool down to avoid injuries.

7. Foam rolling

Foam rolling is a great way to get some help for muscle soreness.

8. Core workout at home

Give your abs a serious boost with this great core workout. And if you’re left wanting for more, try these core strength exercises.

9. Strength exercises for runners

For any running or triathlon events that are early in 2017 give this strength training session a go to give your running a boost.

10. Meditation session

Unleash your inner zen and take some time to relax and unwind with this relaxing, restorative meditation session.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

Core exercises for runners
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