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At-home holiday workout | Full-body HIIT + Core strength

December 22, 2016

Today we’re sharing two at-home holiday workouts from personal trainer Tally Rye. The full-body HIIT and core strength sessions should take you about 20 minutes each – which makes them perfect for taking a break from all that last-minute gift-wrapping.

And like Tally writes in her instructions: remember to warm up and cool down before doing any workout.


🎄CHRISTMAS CORE CHALLENGE🎄 It’s a tricky time of the year to get the gym for your normal workout routine. So why not switch it up with some at home workouts that get your heart rate up?! Today is all about the core, which is not just ‘abs’ but is in fact working your whole torso. 🔸WORKOUT🔸 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest x 5. Complete circuit 3 – 4 times! 1⃣ Plank Moguls 2⃣ Leg Lower + Beats. 3⃣ T-Twist + Hip Dip 4⃣ Slow bicycles 5⃣ Plank Hand & Foot Tap Outs ➡️Make sure to turn on the sound for my coaching tips 👂. Thanks for @polar for teaming up with me for these workouts! Look out for an exciting giveaway with @polar coming VERY soon 👀👀😁. #christmascorechallenge #homeworkout #freeworkout #spon #polara360 #personaltrainer #core #abs #fitness #girlgains

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At-home workout #2: Full-body HIIT

FULL BODY HIIT (Make sure you turn on the sound for the full benefits 👂👍). I am really excited to be teaming up with @polarglobal for some simple but sweaty At Home workouts for you to try over the festive season. Today is all about a full body workout that takes just 20 minutes, which is perfect when you’re short on time. 🔹CIRCUIT🔹 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest x 5. ️Repeat the circuit 4 times. 1⃣ Plank Walkout + Squat Thrust. 2⃣ Squat hold, reverse lunges + Squat Jump. 3⃣ Press Up & Shoulder Taps. 4⃣Lateral Gallop Squat Jumps + Floor Touch. 5⃣ V-Sit + Russian Twist. I hope you enjoy this one and my tips in this video help you execute your workout so you reap the benefits even more than usual. Happy HIIT-ing 🎉🎄. ** Please note it is important to warm up & cool down before any workout. P.S Expect some more real-time workout videos from me this week as part of #Vidmas 📹👀👀. #GirlGains #polara360 #hiitathome #homeworkout #personaltrainer #spon #fitness #hiit #fullbodyworkout #freeworkout #polarproud

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Did you see that last hashtag, by the way? #PolarProud?  Stay tuned for something that should make us all #PolarProud.



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