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4 reasons to wear a fitness tracker to the gym

Of course you wear your favorite fitness tracker when you’re running or riding outside. But if you usually ditch it when you head to indoor workouts, here are four reasons to keep your favorite accessory on hand (er, wrist).

1. You won’t miss a single step

It’s nice to track your miles on the run or on the bike, but what about the steps you take to and from the gym machines between sets, or all the ones you log during a Les Mills class? “I used to wear my GPS watch during my run so I could get all my running data, but then I’d take it off before my shower and would go the rest of the day without considering how much extra stuff I was doing,” says runner and Polar M600 user Byron Hall.

“I’ve since picked up the habit of wearing my fitness tracker everywhere, and it’s so much more satisfying to see 15,000 steps at the end of the day versus the 4,000 I’d get from my morning run.”

2. Because your heart rate matters on the treadmill, too

“I would always go to the gym and run on the treadmill, but then I would forget my workouts, so it was hard to track my progress,” says Karla Baron. “It’s nice having your pace and elapsed time on the treadmill screen, but it’s not super helpful during or after the fact.”

Now, Baron trains with her Polar M600 even when she’s on the treadmill. “I love that I can monitor my heart rate during my run, but I also have all that data to look at after the fact. I don’t have to try and remember to take pictures of the treadmill screen once I’ve finished my workout so I can log it in my training journal!”

3. It just might make you look more legit

“I know this might sound silly, but having a hardcore-looking sports watch on my wrist while I’m at the gym makes me feel way more legit than I actually probably am,” says James MacAvoy.

“There’s something about being geared up that makes me want to work out harder and push myself further, and it just makes me feel like more of an athlete, whether I’m running outside or lifting weights inside.”

4. You can work out without lugging your phone around with you

“Let’s be honest, iPhones are basically iPads these days,” says HIIT-enthusiast Molly Maron. “I hate carrying my phone around the gym just in case I miss an important text or call.”

But most fitness trackers these days – including the Polar A370 – sync to your phone so you’ll get notifications on your wrist when you have an incoming call, message, or appointment.

“I stash my phone in a locker and I’m good to go,” says Maron. (Though we say take the hour to yourself and ignore incoming alerts! Unless, of course, you’re a doctor, your significant other is about to go into labor, or you’re on standby for Hamilton tickets.)

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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