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Polar Team Pro | GPS player tracking system

Athlete tracking solution

Polar Team Pro | GPS player tracking system.

Polar Team Pro combines wearable technology, GPS and motion tracking with heart rate monitoring to create the ultimate solution for player tracking in team sports. Follow your team’s training on your iPad - no base stations or antennas required. Real-time player monitoring provides invaluable and accurate training data for analysis for everyone in your coaching staff.

Polar Team Pro features

Wearable technology to take your team to the next level

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Polar heart rate zones

Monitor your team’s effort and performance and make sure your team trains at the right intensity level at each training session.

Individual training

Combine the data from your team sessions with the data from each player’s personal workouts to get the full picture of each player’s training. You’ll also be able to view their daily activity, sleep and recovery status.

Polar speed zones

Speed zones allow you to define the intensity of a training session with speed or pace. You can edit the zones in the Team Pro web service. Speed zones are customizable for different sports.


Monitor the number of sprints each player takes during a training session.

Training load

The Training Load value makes training sessions easily comparable. You get a training load value from each training session, and you’ll be able to see how a short high intensity session compares to a longer low intensity session. Training Load also gives you an estimate of recovery time.

Recovery Status

Recovery status is an estimate of a player’s state of recovery. It is based on the cumulative load from training and daily activity and it helps find the right balance between training and rest.

Polar Pro Team Dock

Polar Team Pro Sensor

The Polar Team Pro player tracking sensor collects live data from your team’s training and delivers it to the Team Pro app on your iPad. The sensor monitors heart rate and heart rate variability and tracks movement with GPS and a motion sensor.

Polar Team Pro shirt

The Polar Team Pro smart shirt comes with integrated heart rate measurement. It has a designated pocket for the Polar Team Pro sensor. The fabric is comfortable to wear and transfers moisture away from the skin.

Polar Team Pro Dock

The Polar Team Pro dock syncs offline training data from the Polar Team Pro player tracking sensors to the Team Pro app on the coach iPad. You can also use it to recharge both the Polar Team Pro sensors and the iPad.

Polar Team Pro web service

Analyze your team's performance, customize their training and get better results with Team Pro web service, our cloud-based player tracking system. Available in 19 languages.

Polar Team Pro app

Monitor your team's real-time training data, compare players, get training summaries and analyze performance right after a training session. The Polar Team Pro player monitoring app supports live performance data for up to 60 players.

Polar Team Pro Sensor

Integrated GPS, 10Hz
MEMS motion sensor, 200Hz (Accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass)
Memory up to 65 hours
Rechargeable 390 mAh lithium polymer battery
Battery duration up to 10 hours
Recharging (from empty to full) 3 hours
Sensor dimensions: 36 mm (1.42 in) x 68 mm (2.68 in) x 13 mm (0.51 in)
Weight: 39 grams (1.38 oz)
Water resistant: up to 30 m
Operating temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C (14 °F to 113 °F)
Sensor materials: ABS, ABS + 30% GF, PC, stainless steel
LED display with information of player number, data sync and battery
Bluetooth Smart
Range Up to 200 meters
Polar Team Pro red soft strap compatible
Polar Team Pro Shirt compatible
Updatable firmware

Polar Team Pro Dock

Rechargeable 2800 mAh lithium polymer battery
20 sensor slots per dock
Updatable firmware
Compatible devices: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad with Retina display, iPad (4th generation)

Polar Team Pro Soft Strap

Weight: 30 grams (1.06 oz)
Strap materials: 38% Polyamide, 29% Polyurethane, 20% Elastane, 13% Polyester
Color: Red

Polar Team Pro Shirt

Machine wash in 40 °C (114 °F), no dryer
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Color: Light grey

What our customers say

“Polar Team Pro provides us with useful data such as heart rate, speed, and acceleration, so we can get the best out of the training and control the intensity perfectly.”
Oliver Mutschler, Fitness- and Rehabilitation coach VfL Wolfsburg

VfL Wolfsburg

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