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The science behind Polar technology and Smart Coaching

At Polar, science has been at the core of what we do from the very beginning. The technology and the proprietary Smart Coaching features in Polar products are based upon scientific work and are in accordance with recommendations from the world’s leading sports medicine authorities. This way, we make sure our solutions provide data and guidance that is accurate, reliable and actionable.

White papers

Our white papers offer you a thorough description of the scientific background of our technologies and the proprietary features in Polar products. They were written to give you a deeper understanding of how our products and solutions work. Each white paper comes with a short abstract and a full-length downloadable PDF.

Activity Tracking

Physical activity has many benefits to health and wellbeing.Tracking physical activity is an effective way to find out how active one really is throughout the day. Without tracking, people tend to overestimate time spent in vigorous intensities and underestimate sitting and light intensity activities.

Running Index

Running Index is a simple and convenient way to determine running performance. Running Index takes speed and heart rate information and squeezes it into one validated and comprehensible number that reflects running performance. It is a powerful tool to follow changes in endurance fitness and to predict future performance.

Energy sources and FuelWise

This white paper on Polar Energy sources and FuelWise explains the scientific physiological background of key energy sources that the body uses during exercise. These sources are carbohydrates, fats and protein. Additionally, the optimal fueling guidance given by FuelWise is reviewed.

Cycling Performance Test

The Cycling performance test white paper describes a test that allows a user to determine cycling performance. This test uses functional threshold power (FTP) as a main parameter and requires power sensors connected to a Polar product.

Running Performance Test

Endurance running is a fundamental human skill that everyone can train regardless of age, gender or fitness level. To obtain individual training guidance, as opposed to general training guidance that is the same for everybody, some performance parameters should be known. To achieve personalization of training guidance, we have developed Running performance test, which is fully guided and simple to take.

Leg Recovery Test

Athletes use vertical jumps to assess their explosive leg power. Other benefits of the jump test are automatic assessment of the recovery status of the neuromuscular functioning of the lower body, as well as training readiness guidance. Now, all these features are available from the wrist as a Leg Recovery Test, without the need for expensive equipment or a laboratory visit.

Serene™ breathing exercise

Occasional mental stress is a part of training, competitions, and everyday life. Relaxation strategies involving deep breathing, typically close to the rate of six breaths per minute, can be used to increase concentration, promote relaxation, and reduce stress.

Training Load Pro

Polar Training Load Pro consists of Cardio load, Muscle load and Perceived load. These all are based on training measurements or subjective evaluation given by user. All loads are interpreted in numerical values as well as verbally. This white paper describes the scientific background of Polar Training Load Pro, its functions, and validity.

Sleep Plus Stages

Sleep is vital to overall health and well-being, playing an essential role in many physical and mental functions. In athletes, inadequate sleep may slow down recovery and training adaptation, impair performance and increase the risk of injury and illness.

Running Power

Running Power is a Smart Coaching tool that allows runners to keep track of the external load of their running. It is useful tool for interval and slope training.

Fitness Test

Fitness has an important role in sports and exercise training. Exercise training targets to maintain or improve fitness. Most of the training prescription parameters (frequency, duration, intensity) depend on the fitness level of a person.

Smart Calories

This white paper gives the physiological and technical background of calorie estimation in wrist-worn wearables. It also gives the Polar approach to energy expenditure estimation, called Polar Smart Calories, and the scientific validity of the Polar Smart Calories feature.

Global Navigation Satellite System

In order to meet demands for speed and location data, Polar has integrated GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) into its wearable devices since 2009. Currently, location data can be determined with nearly every Polar sport and fitness device.

Energy Pointer

Training at different intensities has different benefits. Low intensity training increases fat oxidation and has several health benefits. However, research has shown that there can be large individual variation in the ability to oxidize fat during exercise and thus more individual, tailor-made determination methods are needed.

Nightly Recharge

Night-time recovery from training and stress is a central element of performance development, optimal daytime functioning, wellbeing, and health. Nightly Recharge white paper describes the principles behind the feature as well as benefits to user. Scientific evidence and its validity are also presented

H10 HR Sensor System

The Polar H10 Sensor System represents the latest Polar heart rate technology. Polar system measures each heart beat which is associated with a corresponding phase and characteristics on the ECG. This white paper gives the technology background of the H10 sensor and reviews the validation study results on the performance of the technology developed.

Orthostatic test

An orthostatic test is a simple way to evaluate the body’s recovery status. Originally developed for medical use, the test has been used in sports science for over 20 years.

Recovery Pro

Polar Recovery Pro measures how user tolerates training. It also considers other non-sports related stress factors such as poor sleep or work pressure. Recovery Pro gives recovery feedback and training advice. This white paper describes the scientific background of Polar Recovery Pro, its functions, and validity.

Optical Heart Rate

The Polar wrist heart rate white paper includes the physiological and technological background for Polar’s optical measurement technology.

Precision Prime OHR

Developed in-house at Polar Electro’s Research department, Polar Precision Prime OHR (optical heart rate) is the company’s latest solution for optical heart rate measurement.

Team Pro System

Polar Team Pro System is designed to help team sport athletes and coaches to optimize their training and improve overall performance while preventing injuries and fatigue.

Sleep Plus™

Getting a good night’s sleep regularly is critical to people’s overall health and well-being. Over time, an insufficient amount of sleep increases the risk for several chronic health problems including cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, and mental problems.

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