Polar/adidas Cooperation Wins Top Runner's World Award


Kempele, Finland, 16th Feb 2006 

The Polar adidas cooperation has been awarded the "Running Accessory of the Year" Award at ISPO winter 06 by Runner's World, the world's leading running magazine. The award honors the cooperation with the two leading companies of their industries, both intent on developing technology and equipment that helps athletes to take their performance to the next level.

Polar Electro and adidas are the two companies with one shared goal. By joining forces, Polar and adidas have created products that when working together, are even greater than the sum of their parts.

Receiving the award put Marco Suvilaakso, Product Manager of Polar Running Segment, in a celebratory mood: "This award is a great affirmation, as well as the extremely positive response from retailers and athletes during the ISPO fair. It is a valuable recognition of our commitment and continuing work to provide unique products that serve the needs of all our clients, from recreational runners all the way to world class endurance athletes" ISPO is the world's largest international sports equipment and fashion fair, which takes place biannually in Munich, Germany.

Also Marco Suvilaakso emphazises, that the co-operation has been very fruitful and inspiring: "For decades both companies have been leading innovation within their respective categories to develop the best products for professional and amateur athletes that help them assess their performances and unlock the full potential within their bodies .

Polar/adidas Fusion - a unique merged runner's performance system

The result of the Polar adidas co-operation are the adiStar Fusion apparel and running shoes, which have been merged with the latest heart rate and speed and distance monitoring technology from Polar. This totally unique and truly revolutionary running gear has been built around the Polar RS800™ Running Computer. During a run, it collects all of the information from the sensors that are positioned in the apparel and shoe, then immediately informs the athlete. Everything is collated and translated into information the athlete can use such as: heart rate, speed and distance, cadence, route profile and calories burned. After the running session, all information can be downloaded to the PC, and added to the training diary.

The adiStar Fusion apparel have soft, heart-rate sensors built in. These machine-washable textile sensors work in conjunction with the Polar WearLink� connector - it just snaps onto the front of the apparel and sends all training data straight to Polar RS800™ Running Computer. No bands, no adjustments, no extra kit - just put the shirt on, snap on connector and start running.

In the midsole of the adiStar Fusion shoe is a special cavity that houses the tiny and very light Polar s3™ Stride Sensor. Because it's internal, the Stride Sensor is more convenient and delivers even more consistent running speed and distance readings, without compromising comfort or performance. And all of the speed and distance information is sent from the very heart of the adiStar Fusion shoe straight to the Polar Running Computer.

And the best thing? - the user won't even know it's there!