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exercises with kids

Working out with your kids

As an athlete, you probably dream about the day your kids pick up their own little set of dumbbells, start riding their own bike – and want to race you – or toe the line for their first running race. Most athletes intend to raise kids who want to be active, whether that means family bike rides to the bakery on a Saturday morning or mommy-and-me yoga classes. Here’s how four Polar ambassadors have instilled a love for fitness in their own children – and how you can do the same.

“I have older kids now – ages 13, 15, and 20 – and it’s just great having your kids see you work out. Mine have all been really great at keeping fit. I constantly bring them with me to the track, gym, or pool. Sometimes they run or swim with me, but I don’t press them, and most of the time they end up doing their own thing, but it’s always a physical activity. I’ll also give them a Polar product to use! They love seeing their heart rate or how fast they were running. My 20-year-old is a runner and yoga practitioner, my 15-year-old is a surfer and soccer player, and my 13-year-old is a surfer, runner, soccer player, and parkour enthusiast. The key is bringing them out and leading by example.”  –Brian Manners, Polar V800 user from Robbinsville, NJ

“I have three little girls who all love to join me for stroller runs, including racing the half marathon, which I did in 1:11, and the full marathon, which I ran in 2:31 last year, and both of which earned us Guinness World Records! When they’re not out in the stroller, they love joining me at home in the gym. We turn the music up loud and they try to mimic my exercises. My two oldest girls will also share the treadmill for a short walk or run.”  –Calum Neff, Polar M430 and V800 user from Katy, TX

“I have three kids. My son will go out for a bike ride, and I’ll run behind them, and we do relay races together.”  –Vladimir Aronsky, Polar V800 user from Bellmore, NY

“I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first little guy any day now! He will definitely be a part of my workouts, whether it’s becoming my little running buddy, my extra weight, or just my cute baby letting me chase him around. I think having children see their parents working out is so important, and will help set them up for a healthy future.”  –Alina Stricker, Polar M600 user from Orlando, FL

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