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Add thrill to your cycling | Strava Live Segments for Polar V650 out now

If you’re a cyclist looking for some extra boost to your training, we’ve got just the thing for you:
Strava Live Segments are now available for the Polar V650 GPS bike computer.

Together with Strava Live Segments, the Polar V650 now allows you to spice up every training session with a little competition.

Strava Live Segments real-time data gives you an instant motivational boost when you see how your time compares to your previous record. What better way to push yourself to exceed your limits and break your records every time you train!

If beating your own record isn’t enough to motivate you, Strava offers a public online leaderboard for each segment.

How would it feel to cycle your way to the top of that board and be the King or Queen of the Mountain?

Polar V650 & Strava Live Segments in a nutshell:

  • Real-time performance data on Strava Segments
  • Available for Strava Premium users
  • Get alerts on nearby segments
  • See how you’re doing compared to your PR
  • Get your results right after you finish a segment

Strava Live Segments (available to Strava Premium users) offer you real-time performance data when you’re doing one of your favorite Strava Segments.

Your Polar V650 will give you a buzz when you’re approaching your favorite segment and shows you how you’re performing while doing the segment. You can see the results right after you finish.

How to get started with Strava Live Segments on YOUR Polar V650

1. Update your Polar V650

2. Connect your Polar Flow and Strava accounts

Polar Flow web: Settings > Account > Strava > Connect
Polar Flow app: General Settings > Connect > Strava (swipe the button to connect)

See more detailed instructions here.

3. Activate and start using Strava Live Segments

Read instructions on how to use Strava Live Segments with Polar V650.


Strava Live Segments are also available for:

Polar V800 GPS sports watch

Polar M460 GPS cycling computer

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