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Roc Recap 2016 | Roc d’Azur MTB event

October 14, 2016

Roc d’Azur is the biggest European MTB event, held every year in France. Check out some photos from Roc d’Azur and read the greetings from Polar athletes. A special shout-out goes to François Bailly-Maître for grabbing first place in the EnduRoc in Roc d’Azur this year. You roc!

Race recap with Martin Fanger

“It was a really tough race with long climbs and very technical downhill sections.”

François Bailly-Maître, BMC FACTORY TRAILCREW

rocdazur-franc%cc%a7ois-bailly-mai%cc%82treWhat is Roc d’Azur?

“It’s a big festival of mountain biking. My favorite part is the whole show and seeing all these people once a year. I remember my first time in the Cadet category when I started racing mountain bike. I was so impressed with how big the event is.”

Greetings for those thinking about getting started with MTB?

“Start slow and get some good tips from someone experienced. Go easy. Mountain biking is not easy so get some good advice from the start.”

How do you use a Polar biking computer during your training?

“I use the Polar devices for HR and for power measurement. It’s very important for me to control my interval training and how efficient it is. My coach can check that later on the Polar Flow. I also use the map on V650 when I train out of my place to find the best spots.”


Julien Absalon, BMC MTB Racing Team

rocdazur-julien-absalonHow would you describe Roc d’Azur?

“Roc d’Azur is the biggest MTB event in the world, it’s a great celebration of the sport with 20K people taking part to races and randonnées. For kids and adults, for hobby and professional riders, for men and women, there are activities for everyone. The village is also a great chance to see the bikes of all the different brands and to meet riders and personalities of the sport.”

What is your favorite part of Roc d’Azur?

I live in Fréjus so it’s great for me to have the entire MTB community and industry meeting at home and enjoying my local trails.

Greetings for those thinking about getting started with MTB?

Enjoy riding. Don’t focus too much on the performance in the beginning. Have fun on your bike, on the trails and with your friends. It’s the best way to improve!

How do you use a Polar biking computer during your training?

I use the Polar devices for every training ride I do. It allows me to follow the instructions of my trainer and to share with him all my data: heart rate, power… Thanks to Polar Flow, he can see what I’ve done almost as if he was with me and he can plan the next training sessions knowing almost everything.