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Polar Wearables Honored

Polar Wearables Honored for Keeping Finns Active During a Difficult Year

We have exciting news all the way from our HQ in Finland: Polar wearables were honored with a special acknowledgment in the annual Finnish Sports Gala. The acknowledgment was jointly given to Polar and the rest of Finland’s thriving sports and health tech industry for helping Finns stay active and exercise during the difficult year of Covid-19.

“We’re truly honored to receive this recognition”, says Polar CEO Tomi Saario. “Polar created the world’s first sports wearable already 40 years ago and we are delighted to see how this innovation has since grown into a whole global industry – as well as a thriving sports and health tech cluster here in Finland. We know that the past year has been very challenging for people all over the world, and we’re extremely happy that our sports devices have encouraged and helped people to exercise and stay active.”

The annual Finnish Sports Gala is regarded as one of the most prestigious national awards events, celebrating the highlights of the past sports year with awards such as Sportsperson of the Year, Team of the Year, and Moment of the Year. The 2020 awards ceremony took place in Helsinki on Jan 14th, 2021.

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