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Kona athlete interviews

Ironman Kona 2016 | Q&A With Pro Triathletes

The 2016 IRONMAN World Championship took place in Hawaii last weekend. As pro triathletes prepared for the grueling race, we interviewed them about their training, recovery and race preparations. Huge congratulations go to all Polar athletes who participated in Kona, especially to Sebastian Kienle and Mirinda Carfrae who finished second and Kaisa Lehtonen for her fifth place! See Sebastian’s post-race analysis and Kaisa’s race day nutrition tips from below.

Post-race recap with Sebastian Kienle

“It was a decision you have to make in these races. I decided to go my own pace. And he didn’t crack. That’s why I ended up second.”

Finding the balance with Sebastian Kienle

“Triathlon is always about balancing. That’s the reason why I love it. And that’s the reason why I hate it sometimes.”

Race day nutrition with Kaisa Lehtonen

“You need a lot of water during the race. And you also should consider how much electrolytes you are taking.”

Sleep and recovery with Bart Aernouts

“The last night is never easy.”

Going for your spot with Frederik Van Lierde

“It’s important to know as an athlete – before you go in the water – where you place yourself. Just be confident with your choice. Just go for it.”

The unforgiving Kona with Pedro Gomes

“The race itself is so hard that finishing the race is probably my proudest moment in Kona. It’s an 8-hour day where you struggle from the first minute to the last minute. Just finishing the race is such a relief.”

The mental game with Tim Don

“The more data you have, the more analytical and the better, smarter decisions I can make. It’s not often the best athlete that wins, it’s the smartest athlete.”


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