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Begin the Quest for the Perfect Gift

December 1, 2016

December is the season of joy here in the Polar Blog and the Holiday Season Calendar 2016. Throughout the year we accompany you on your journey as best we can, but this December we hope that you will take on the ultimate Holiday Quest with us – the Quest for the Perfect Gift.

For the next 25 days we’ll be publishing one Holiday Post per day in the Calendar. They include pleasant surprises, sage words of advice and exclusive offers from us and our friends.

Let’s start our Holiday Journey with some simple quests:

Quest #1: Gift for Me, Gift for You

Head on out to the Polar Gift Idea Generator 2016 and discover a variety of healthy gift ideas. As the name suggests, most of the gifts are made by us but we’ve thrown in some non-Polar inspiration as well.

Quest #2: The Polar Map of Discovery

Follow the Polar Map of Discovery to see what gear might help you on your quest.

Polar Map of Discovery

Polar V650Polar M450Polar BeatPolar M200Polar M400Polar M600Polar A300Polar Loop 2Polar A360Polar Loop Crystal


Quest #3: The Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek into what’s coming up in the Holiday Season Calendar:

“The [     ] sums up ten years of research on grit and perseverance. It can be a powerful tool for outlining the building blocks of your next successful training season.“

“We put together this [          ] for anyone getting ready for a party, a run or anything else that calls for a dash of pink.”

“This holiday [                ] will be available for a limited time only.”

“Enjoy the following [        ] with good conscience.”

Quest #4: Don’t be a Stranger

Remember to check back regularly. We’ll be posting something new every day until December 25.

May your quest be merry and bright!

If you feel like taking someone with you on this journey, spread the word that Polar red is the color of the season. 

Team Polar