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Recovery PRO

Recovery PRO

Measure and monitor your recovery

Recovery Pro™ helps you see how your body responds to training and whether you’re ready for more.

The full window to your recovery

Recovery Pro™ helps you get the full picture of your recovery. It works together with Training Load Pro™ to help you know your training readiness every day and keep your training and recovery in balance.

Balance your training & recovery

Recovery Pro™ measures your recovery daily and monitors the long-term balance between training and recovery.

Find out your individual recovery status

Instead of estimating, Recovery Pro™ measures how recovered you are.

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Learn to train right

Recovery Pro™ helps you to see whether you’re ready for training and helps you find the optimal total training load specific to you

Prevent overtraining

Recovery Pro gives you recovery feedback and training tips to help you train correctly

The science

It is well-known that when monitoring recovery and training readiness, training load shouldn’t be the only factor that impacts your recovery time. Recovery Pro™ will however take into account both the stresses that training can put on your body, as well as the stresses caused by other aspects of life, such as poor sleep or work pressures.

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How Recovery Pro™ works

Recovery Pro™ uses the data your Polar product collects, such as your training load data, Orthostatic Test results and recovery questionnaire, to give you a thorough understanding of your recovery status.

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Recovery Pro™

Recovery Pro™ will shows you how your body tolerates your training load. It helps you to monitor your recovery levels and prevent overtraining. With Recovery Pro™ you can measure how recovered your cardio system is and it will give you recovery feedback and guidance.

Recovery Pro™ also takes into account other stress factors that are not sports-related, but can still affect your recovery, such as poor sleep or work pressures. These things are often challenging to measure and that is why Recovery Pro uses a short recovery-related questionnaire to factor them in.

Daily readiness

You can measure your Daily Readiness for cardio training with the Orthostatic Test. It is based on your heart rate variability. You should take the test regularly to establish and maintain your individual baseline.

Training and Recovery Balance

Recovery Pro™ combines your long-term recovery data with your long-term training load, to monitor the balance between training and recovery. This will help you recognise your personal limits by showing whether you’ve been training too much, too little or just right.

It can also recognise when something else other than training is causing you too much stress.

Recovery feedback

With Recovery Pro™ you receive feedback for both your current cardio recovery level and your longer-term training and recovery balance. These are combined into a daily recovery feedback and personalised training tips.