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Polar Recovery Pro white paper

This white paper describes the scientific background of Polar Recovery Pro, its functions, and validity.

Polar Recovery Pro measures how your body tolerates your training. It also considers other stress factors that are not sports-related but can still affect your recovery, such as poor sleep or work pressure. Recovery Pro gives recovery feedback and training advice, which can help you balance your training and recovery. To get recovery feedback, you should answer daily questions and take the orthostatic test at least 3 times per week.

Recovery feedback exists of a short-term and long-term recovery feedback. The short-term feedback tells you about your daily readiness for cardio training. It is based on heart rate variability (HRV) measured in the orthostatic test. Several studies reported changes in HRV during training overload, sleep deprivation, altitude or heat exposure, high mental and/or social stress and during disease. HRV measurements are therefore very helpful to assess the training readiness of an athlete, considering all the challenges an athlete faces in their daily life in the form of stress from training and stress from everyday life. The long-term feedback combines long-term orthostatic test data with long-term subjective feelings and long-term training load to monitor the balance between training and recovery. Such a combination of daily training logs and subjective questions, together with objective measures such as HRV are recommended in scientific literature as a complete solution for monitoring training and recovery in athletes. Short-term and long-term feedback are then combined into daily recovery feedback and personalized training advice.

Algorithms within Polar Recovery Pro have been developed according to up-to-date scientific recommendations and have been tested in several athletes.

Full document (PDF)

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