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No Sleep, No Glory

The Fitness Enthusiast's Guide To Better Sleep And Performance

If you’re looking to see better results from working out, the solution is simple:

Start spending more time in dreamland.

Nearly all the research agrees that quality sleep leads to better results at the gym as well as on the roads, trails, courts and fields. Scroll down to learn more about how sleep (or lack of it) affects training and recovery, how much sleep is enough and how to sleep better.

Why We Need Sleep

Investing in quality sleep will yield significant benefits, such as muscle recovery, a healthier heart, efficient hormone production and metabolism and a better mood. Conversely, inadequate or poor sleep negatively affects several areas of fitness.

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How Much Sleep Is Enough

When it comes to sleep, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, but here are some recommendations and signs that tell you if you’re sleeping not only enough, but also well enough.

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How To Sleep Better

If you want to improve your sleep, start here:

1. Track and analyze your sleep

2. Try these sleep hygiene tips

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