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Polar Electro Adds GPS to RS800 Training System


Kempele, Finland, 5th Feb 2007

The Polar RS800 training system, in stores last fall, gave runners and serious endurance athletes the most complete heart rate based training solution yet. Taking the system a step further, Polar Electro today announced the launch of the g3 sensor, a compact and lightweight GPS module that talks wirelessly to the RS800 system, enabling speed and distance measurement for a multitude of sports including: cycling, Nordic skiing, in-line skating and kayaking. The addition of the g3 sensor makes the RS800 the most comprehensive planning and analysis tool for athletes who train across multiple disciplines.

Compatible with existing RS800's, the g3 sensor will be available as an upgrade purchase or as a complete package with the RS800 system. Incorporating the SIRF-III GPS chipset, the sensor provides excellent coverage, fast time to first fix and optimal power consumption. A single AA battery provides up to 20 hours continual use. Weighing only 80grams (inc. battery) and water resistant to 3 bar, g3 is extremely compact and built to withstand the harshest conditions of even the most extreme adventure sports.

GPS (g3) vs. Stride Sensor (s3)
The RS800 training system was launched along with the s3 stride sensor. Both the s3 and the g3 units have distinct advantages for measuring speed and distance: -

Worn on the foot (or in a cavity in the mid-sole of adidas adistar running shoes), Polar's s3 stride sensor is the best choice for running; using sensitive inertial sensors to track the position of the foot 1000 times a second it is immune from signal dropout and gives accurate and highly responsive speed, distance, leg cadence and stride length measurements. s3 is the right choice for competitive runners who want to improve their technique and running efficiency.

g3 can be worn around the waist, the arm or even carried in a back pack and, as movement is tracked by the global positioning system, it tracks speed and distance across all terrestrial sports.

"Adding g3 to the RS800 training system enables athletes, who train and compete in sport categories additional to running, to benefit fully from the complete range of industry leading features incorporated in the wrist computer and accompanying Pro Trainer 5 PC software." says Marco Suvilaakso, Product Manager, Polar Electro Oy.

On sale through authorised Polar resellers during the second half of 2007, g3 will be available for purchase as an upgrade for existing RS800 owners, or as a complete set in the RS800g3 Training System.

For more information on the RS800 Training System and Pro Trainer 5 software please see:

Polar ProTrainer 5

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