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Focus, Meditate or Sleep With These Relaxing Songs From Polar

Different times of the day require very different music. Sometimes you want to be pumped up for exercise with your favorite upbeat playlist. At other times, you need the right type of relaxing music to help calm your mind.

So, we teamed up with the lovely folks at Sunbeam Imperial Studios to create three tranquil tracks to help you find your rhythm and focus, meditate and sleep. These songs were designed as soothing experiences that use the sounds of nature to enable you not only to relax but also zero in on whatever you want to achieve – be it working, meditating, or sleeping.

Researchers have been looking into the powerful effect of natural sounds on our bodies. A 2017 study by Brighton and Sussex Medical School in the UK found that listening to natural sounds helps to regulate your sympathetic nervous system, easing your ‘fight or flight’ response and reducing your reaction towards stress indicators. That is why soundscapes with natural sounds like rain or birds chirping are ideal music to listen to when meditating or trying to sleep. 

So, no matter what you’re doing throughout the day, try these different songs to help you relax and be present with your objective. You’ll wonder how you ever did without them.


Ditch the distractions with this ambient soundscape to help you concentrate. Tune out unrelated thoughts and ideas and zone in on the task at hand. 

When to use this song

You need help to maintain your focus and find it too easy to divert your attention to something less productive.


An uplifting and even heroic energy, encouraging a growing mood of doing. 


The musical sequences in this 10-minute track were created with Obius, a music app that works with a VR loop. They play the central role, and this ‘algorithm’ is supported with analog synthesizers and programming.

Towards the end, you’ll hear heroic drums and synth mats, which roar from an Oberheim OBX synthesizer (famous for its use in songs like Van Halen’s Jump).  

How to listen to this song

Switch this song on when you’re distracted but need to concentrate. Make this relaxing music the background to your work, study, or wherever you need to focus. 


Relax after a difficult day with this peaceful meditation music. Tune into your body to let go of your daily stresses and anxieties with this ambient soundtrack to your inner journey.

When to use this song

Any time, especially at the end of your working day. Use this daily meditation practice to change gears between your work time and personal life.


The Arctic sea. Streams, waves, and the sounds of cuckoo birds. The scenery changes as the story progresses, creating a subtly stimulating soundscape that makes you feel grounded and in the moment.


Gentle beats from an Opsilon Hang Drum are fused with a synthesizer to create a meditative, repetitive beat throughout this 10-minute song. A human voice and flute provide commentary, and the acoustic guitar and Guzheng (Chinese plucked zither) create rhythm and variation.

How to listen to this song

Find a comfortable position, whether sitting on the floor, on a chair or lying down. You can close your eyes or lower your gaze. Relax your body and mind, and try not to focus on any particular thoughts but on your breath. 

Try doing your Serene™ breathing exercise for the first few minutes of the track to help you calm your energy and center your focus on your breath for the rest of the meditation. 

You can also listen to this relaxing music while you are working or studying or when you are winding down at the end of the day.


Dim the lights, fluff your pillows and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of rain. This relaxing sleep soundscape is your ticket to slumberland, as it calms your mind, body, and soul.

When to use this song

Every night, if you like. This song is a handy tool for fixing your sleep routine if you struggle to switch off your brain and maintain a consistent bedtime in the evening.


Like sleeping in a cabin during a rainstorm, which then eases into a soothing tune. Little by little, the chord cycle slowly lulls you into sleep.


This one-hour song includes calming piano with a sympathetic tone, pianissimo (which means very quiet) dynamics, and some slightly random but clear tones. You’ll later hear a bansuri (ancient flute) in the distance and a human voice weaving in with the piano.

How to listen to this song

Dim the screens on your devices and the lights in your home to help support your natural circadian rhythms. Put on this track and begin to wind down into your evening routine. Perhaps you have a warm bath, read a book first, or maybe you’re ready to snuggle down in bed. Either way, let this relaxing music guide you toward sleep as you gradually drift off.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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