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Polar H10 Never Looked So Good

Who said a heart rate monitor chest strap can’t look good? The new collection of straps for Polar H10 adds a pop of color to your workouts.

Now, when you buy a Polar H10, you can choose from four different Polar Pro strap colors: Red Beat, Black Crush, Stone Camo, and Forest Camo. And, if you already have a Polar H10, Polar H9, or Polar H7, you can buy a Polar Pro strap in one of these colors separately.

We’ll go over the new Polar Pro straps in a moment, but before that let’s take a look at what makes Polar H10 the most accurate, most intuitive, most versatile chest strap heart rate monitor in the world.

Polar H10 is an ECG heart rate sensor that measures the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity with unrivaled precision, giving you an accurate view on your training intensity during any activity, especially during high-intensity exercise. You can choose to wear Polar H10 and pair it to your sports watch or smartphone, or instead, just use it on its own to record heart rate data without carrying any additional devices. The built-in memory allows Polar H10 to capture and store training data during periods when athletes cannot wear a sports watch or carry a smartphone, for example, during team sports or swimming. Finally, if you use Polar H10 and Polar watch that includes the Orthostatic Test tool (like Polar Grit X Pro and Polar Vantage V2), you can better balance your training and recovery by regularly taking orthostatic test to assess the amount of rest you need between workouts.

Need more details? Here’s a summary of the main Polar H10 features:

  • Pro level chest strap designed for comfort and optimal heart rate measurement
  • Internal memory for one ultra-long training session (up to 30 hours) without sports watch or smartphones
  • Replaceable coin cell battery that lasts for up to 400h of training (or more than a year of training for one hour a day, every day)
  • ANT+, GymLink, and dual-band Bluetooth® Low Energy to connect to gym equipment and multiple devices
  • Compatible with Polar Flow, multiple sports profiles, and third-party apps
  • Waterproof: Up to 30 meters


Wearables use different methods to measure heart rate. Wrist-based optical heart tracking (found in sports watches) is excellent for continuous 24/7 heart rate tracking and provides very accurate heart rate readings during sports like running or cycling. However, an ECG chest strap like Polar H10 still provides the most accurate heart rate data because it measures the electrical activity of the heart directly. A chest strap is also ideal when you engage in high-intensity activities or sports that require sudden wrist movements, like tennis.

SAME intelligent design, vibrant NEW colors

We designed Polar H10 to excel at one thing: measuring your heart rate. And that’s exactly what it does. Don’t just take our word for it; medical and sports professionals around the world trust Polar H10.

The Polar Pro strap is one of the reasons why Polar H10 is so incredibly accurate. The strap’s firm buckle and non-slip silicone dots keep the sensor in place at all times, blocking out any motion interference, so it can measure heart rate optimally.

The strap is made from soft textile that feels ultra-comfortable next to the skin. Whether you’re running, lifting weights, or engaged in high-intensity exercises, Polar Pro keeps the sensor comfortably gripped to your body, without limiting your movement.

Because it’s made from textile, you should wash the strap regularly to ensure you continue to get the most reliable heart rate readings. Even though, Polar H10 can endure harsh training condition, over time dirt can impair the elasticity and functioning of the strap. Wash it regular to keep it operating properly and maximize its life span.

Taking care of your Polar H10 is easy. How easy? Check this video ?

Time for a new strap?

Typically, the elasticity of fabrics start to give and the items will no longer fit. Like your gym clothes, premium sports fabric, or any garment, a textile chest strap can’t last forever.

If your strap is showing signs of wear, consider replacing it with a new one and ensure you continue to get the most reliable heart rate measurement.

You can get a new Polar Pro strap today on Polar.com today. With a brand new collection of colors and designs available, your Polar H10 will look better than ever.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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