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A morning workout

Start Your Day With A Morning Workout | Infographic

Morning workouts can be tough to get out of bed for. But before you hit the snooze button, check out our infographic on the benefits of working out first thing in the morning with some top tips to avoid going back to sleep when you hear your alarm. When it comes to workouts, the early bird most definitely catches the worm!

Take a look at the morning workout infographic below to learn more about:

  • The benefits of exercising in the morning
  • What to eat before, during and after an early morning workout
  • How to make it a habit to work out in the morning
  • What are suitable exercises to do in the morning

Ideas for early morning workouts

After a good night’s sleep, try one of these three morning workouts. As always, remember to warm up and cool down to reduce the risk of injury.


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