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Les Mills Live Stockholm 2016

Where tough meets tougher | Les Mills Live in Stockholm 2016

Les Mills Live took Stockholm by storm earlier this September. For those that don’t yet know what Les Mills Live is, here’s a summary: it’s like someone took all the determination in the world and packed it into an arena full of fit people and phat music.


We grabbed our camera and pen and met up with four attendees – Hanna, Sander, Ditte and Filip, all fit and fantastic Les Mills trainers – who agreed to give us the lowdown of the event.

This is what they had to say.

What is the best part of Les Mills Live?

The whole day feels like a big party

“The whole day feels like a big party. You meet so many people during the day, you get to share so much joy for movement together with everyone. I get so inspired by people who just go nuts and are sweating like crazy in every workout, with that BIG smile on their faces!”
– Hanna Lundh

Inspired by Les Mills

“The highlight of this year’s Les Mills Live Stockholm event was presenting BODYPUMP 99 and BODYCOMBAT 69 workouts with other amazing Trainers from the UK and the Nordic Les Mills team. And of course, as every year, being able to meet up with so many talented instructors and participants, who come and enjoy these events with us. These people really inspire us to work hard.”
– Filip Kulštrunk


Why do you track your heart rate during Les Mills workouts?

Energy and challenges

“When it comes to heart rate I want to see how hard I actually push myself in the different parts of the workouts. I also get a picture of how many calories I’ve burned. Then I know how much I have to eat to fuel my body completely afterwards. Food is a big part of great performance.”
– Sander G. Johansen

“I use my Polar A360 to keep my training on track and to have fun. I love my RPM specific sport profile – it plays to my competitive side and reminds me of my passion for RPM, motivating me to ride harder by keeping my heart rate up throughout the workout.”
– Ditte Sommer Weinreich

“It’s really interesting to know how my body reacts and what heart rate zone I’m in during the workout. My fitness tracker also keeps me updated on how my body is feeling and how long I need to recover.”
– Hanna Lundh

What would you say to someone thinking about trying out Les Mills?

“I love working out with people. I love energy, challenges, achievements and results. I love Les Mills. If you’re like me, just not yet into Les Mills – I strongly recommend you to experience group fitness magic from us as soon as possible.”
– Sander G. Johansen

Be brave

“BE BRAVE. Go for it. It changes your life, develops you as a person, makes you confident, strong and passionate about working out.”
– Ditte Sommer Weinreich


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