Introducing the new Polar M430 GPS running watch

April 6, 2017

Meet the new Polar M430 GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate – the much-awaited successor to the award-winning Polar M400.

Polar M430 GPS running watch colors

Polar M430 GPS running watch in a nutshell

  • Designed for serious, goal-driven runners
  • Integrated GPS, wrist-based heart rate and 24/7 activity tracking
  • Waterproof (WR30)
  • 8 hours of training with GPS and optical heart rate, fully charged
  • Successor to the award-winning Polar M400 GPS running watch
  • Works with Polar Flow, the free fitness and training app and web service
  • Comes with Polar Smart Coaching features, such as the Running Program
  • Price: $229 / 229 €

Who is the Polar M430 GPS running watch for?

Polar M430 is the ideal tool for serious runners aiming to reach their personal best. It has Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology, integrated GPS, and personalized, adaptive training guidance.

Best GPS running watch of 2017?

Trusted running metrics is only a piece of the Polar M430 experience.

What truly sets Polar M430 apart is Polar’s ability to take running data and make it actionable. Paired with Polar Flow, Polar M430 is transformed into a reliable running coach that can provide personalized feedback, an adaptive training plan, and live guidance for athletes during various stages of their training sessions.

The Polar Running Program considers your training history, gauges your current activity levels, accounts for a final goal date and target distance (5K, 10K, half and full marathon) and then builds a personal running program in seconds. Polar Running Program also isn’t your run-of-the-mill excel running plan. You can upload your training plans to the Polar M430 and let it guide you during your sessions.

Watch the video below to get a feel for what the Polar Running Program is like:

Other advanced Polar Smart Coaching features include Running Index, which uses data to show the efficiency of your running, Fitness Test, which enables athletes to gauge their current fitness levels and see progress along the way, and Training Benefit, which provides feedback immediately after a training session to explain the benefits of a workout.

For more info on this, read about how Polar M430 helps you run smarter.

What’s new with the design

The design is fully waterproof and features a lightweight, breathable wristband and vibration alerts. Polar M430 comes in dark grey, white and orange. Polar M430 features the same 5-button design as Polar M400, suited for easy handling in difficult conditions.

The black-and-white screen is easy to read even – or should we say especially – in direct sunlight. We’ve also added in new watch faces.

Accurate optical heart rate tracking with Polar M430

Okay, let’s do some simple math first: Polar M430 has our proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology with 6 LEDs. On the other hand, the Polar M200 GPS running watch aimed for those getting started with running has 2 LEDs. Does this mean the optical Optical heart rate monitoring on the Polar M430heart rate tracking on the Polar M430 is three times (3×2=6) better than on Polar M200? While an entertaining thought, it’s not that simple.

When we talk about ‘Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate solution optimized for Polar M430’ what we mean is this: inside the watch, there is the technology that detects (which includes the LEDs) the pulse waves. In addition, there’s the heart rate algorithm that interprets the raw data it’s getting. Watches are also different in form factor, size, weight and how they sit on the wrist.

To put it simply, all these three (tech, algorithm and the form factor) form the heart rate solution, and we can tweak each one of them to get optimal results. For Polar M430 we have noticed that the 6-LED solution gives us (and you) the best results. However, if we had determined 2 LEDs were better, we would have gone that route.

With the Polar M430, you can for the first time do the Polar Fitness Test with wrist-based heart rate. We feel that this speaks volumes of the accuracy and reliability of the heart rate tracking on Polar M430.

How does Polar M430 compare to other Polar products?

Polar M430 is the successor to the popular Polar M400 GPS running watch and builds on its success. The main improvements are the revamped design, wrist-based heart rate, low-power GPS and vibration alerts.

Here’s how Polar M430 compares to the other Polar products. You can also use our comparison tool for more in-depth comparisons.

Polar M430Polar A360Polar M200Polar M600Polar V800
Wrist-based heart ratexxx x
 GPSxx x x
Indoor running metrics (speed and distance from the wrist)xx x
End time estimatorx
Smart Notificationsxx x x x
Smartwatch OS
(Android Wear)
Music storage and playback x*
Swimming metrics x x
Multi-sport mode x
Connectivity with Bluetooth smart sensorsHeart rate, StrideHeart rate Heart rate Heart rate Heart rate, Cadence, Speed, Power, Stride
Battery life with activity tracking20 days12 days6 days2 days with Android
1.5 days with iPhone
 30 days
Battery life with GPS8/30 h (low-power GPS)N/A6 h 8 h13/50 h (low-power GPS)
DisplayBlack-and-white display, 128×128 pxColor touchscreen, 80×160 pixels Black-and-white display, 1342 pxColor touchscreen, 240×240 px Black-and-white display, 128×128 px

*Music storage available when Polar M600 is connected to Android devices

How can you get the new Polar M430 GPS running watch?

Polar M430 is available in dark grey, white and orange in the official Polar webstore.

Now, get ready to chase that destiny!