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Polar M460

Polar M460 GPS bike computer with advanced cycling metrics

Packed with essential cycling features, the Polar M460 bike computer comes with heart rate guidance, 3rd party power compatibility, Strava Live Segments and Polar Smart Coaching. It provides a best in class training experience for cyclists at all levels, on roads and trails.

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The next level of devotion

View the data from all aspects of your rides.

Advanced power meter compatibility

Polar M460 is compatible with most Bluetooth Smart power meters. Check power sensor compatibility.

Strava Live Segments

Make your rides more fun with Strava Live Segments. Your M460 alerts you when you approach one of your starred Strava segments, gives you real-time data on your performance and shows your results after you finish the segment.

GPS & barometer

Track your speed, distance, altitude and gradient with GPS and barometer.

Long battery life

Polar M460 has a battery life of up to 16 hours of training.

Smart Coaching equals smart training

Many times it's not about training harder, it's about training smarter. Use your heart rate sensor to get the benefits.

Heart rate guidance

Hook up Polar M460 with a Polar heart rate sensor and discover the benefits of heart rate training. Heart rate is the most reliable indicator of how hard your body is working — monitoring your heart rate helps you train more effectively. What's your sensor?

Advanced power metrics

Polar M460 can track track Normalized Power® (NP®), Intensity Factor® (IF®) and Training Stress Score®(TSS®).*

*NP®, IF® and TSS® are registered trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and may be used with permission. Learn more at

Training Load

Shows you how your training affects your body and helps you compare the load of different rides. Monitor your load continuously to recognize your personal limits and adjust training intensity and duration accordingly. Available on the Polar Flow web service.

Fitness Test

A five-minute test that measures aerobic fitness from your resting heart rate, heart rate variability and your background information. Complete the test regularly to see the progress you’re making.

Polar Flow web service and app

Track your rides, analyze your progress and achieve more with Polar Flow – Polar’s training platform available on desktop and mobile.

Polar Coach

Free online tool for your cycling coach to easily create training programs and follow your progress.

Sensor compatibility

Boost your cycling performance with compatible 3rd party Bluetooth power meters. Check compatibility with third-party power meters.

Third party services

Link your Polar Flow account and sync your training data to third party services, such as Strava or TrainingPeaks.

NP®, IF® and TSS® are registered trademarks of TrainingPeaks, LLC and may be used with permission. Learn more at

Features and technical specifications


Feature highlights

Orthostatic test
Orthostatic test

An easy and reliable way to determine your current condition. Repeat the test regularly to learn what to expect from your heart rate and what can affect it, then adjust your training to allow your body to recover when needed. Requires the Polar H10 heart rate sensor. Learn more

Training Benefit
Training Benefit

Delivers motivating feedback immediately after the ride describing the effect of the training session. Learn more

Smart Calories
Smart Calories

Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HR max) and how hard you’re training. Learn more

Recovery status
Recovery status

Shows you the time necessary for recovery before the next ride. Available on the Polar Flow web service. Learn more

Other features

Phone notifications

Stay connected during your rides with notifications from your phone.


Polar M460 looks after your safety with a front LED light.

Long battery life

Polar M460 has a battery life of up to 16 hours of training.

Designed to endure

Polar M460 has a sleek, clear-cut design and carbon fiber style finish. The side buttons are textured to make them easy to find and press.

Polar Flow Tech specs In the box

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What's your sensor?

Polar M460 is available with two heart rate sensor options. Choose the one that fits you best: the Polar H10 heart rate sensor chest strap for supreme accuracy or the Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensor armband for simplicity and comfort.