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Polar OH1 — optical heart rate sensor


For all your sports on land and in water

Polar OH1 is an optical heart rate monitor that combines versatility, comfort and simplicity. You can use it as a standalone device or pair it with various fitness apps, sports watches and smart watches, thanks to Bluetooth® and ANT+ connectivity.

The Polar OH1 + product package includes a swimming goggle strap clip for easy use in the pool.

Polar OH1 — optical heart rate sensor
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Small in size, large in functionality

The small and handy Polar OH1 is your companion in the world of heart rate training. It helps you to train smarter, not harder.

Connect with Bluetooth & ANT+

The connectivity options on Polar OH1 are abundant. You can use the Bluetooth and ANT+ connections simultaneously and get your heart rate streamed to multiple devices in real time.

ANT+ Bluetooth

Train with Polar Beat

Try Polar OH1 with Polar Beat, Polar’s free fitness and training app, to get live heart rate data right on the screen of your phone and audio guidance to your headphones during your workout.

Discover Polar Beat

Polar OH1 - Small in size, large in functionality
Polar OH1 - swimming

On land and in water - all your sports covered

Your aquatic and solid ground sports are all equally tracked by Polar OH1.

Comfortable armband

You can wear Polar OH1 on both your upper and lower arm. It’s easy to put on and take off anywhere, anytime. The armband is changeable and has stylish colors.

Clip on to your goggles

When you're in the pool, place Polar OH1 in its clip on your goggles. It stays in place, allowing you to concentrate on your swimming.

The Polar OH1 + product package includes a swimming goggle strap clip for easy use in the pool.

Choose how you use: with devices or as a standalone

Take your phone with you or leave it behind: you have a wealth of options to cover all your needs.

Pair with your favorite Polar product

Polar OH1 works with all Bluetooth-compatible Polar sports watches, trackers and cycling computers.

Send your heart rate to apps

Polar OH1 streams real-time heart rate to many popular fitness apps on both iOS and Android phones.

Train without a watch or phone: Go solo

Prefer training without a watch or phone? Polar OH1 has internal memory that can store up to 200 hours of training data.

Afterwards you can easily sync your data to the Polar Beat app.

Polar OH1 - Works with Polar products

Features and technical specifications


Feature highlights

Optical heart rate tracking

You demand accuracy when you train. Get it with Polar’s proprietary heart rate algorithm and 6 LED optical sensor.

Multiple connectivity options

You can use Polar OH1 to broadcast your live heart rate to many fitness apps, any Bluetooth-compatible sports and smart watch, ANT+ compatible cycling computers, & Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible gym equipment.

Built-in memory

With its built-in memory, Polar OH1 can store up to 200 hours of training data. You can sync your data to Polar Beat for analysis.

Comfortable textile armband

Details matter when performance counts. The Polar OH1 armband is designed to fit securely and comfortably around your arm. Engineered for supreme wearability, it’s made of a soft textile material that is machine-washable for everyday use.

Swimming goggle strap clip

Thread the clip to the strap of your swimming goggles and experience ultimate comfort of heart rate tracking. Polar OH1 stays snug against your temple.

Other features

Updatable firmware

Over-the-air firmware updates to enhance Polar OH1 functionality.

Ride Further, Longer

Polar OH1 boasts a long battery life with up to 12 hours of training time on a single charge. Easily charge the battery with the included Polar OH1 USB adapter.


Polar OH1 is waterproof up to 30 m.

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