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Massimiliano "Max" Papis

Massimiliano "Max" Papis


Massimiliano "Max" Papis is one of the most versatile and accomplished race car drivers in the world. A consummate professional, Max combines natural talent with lots of hard work, focus, and sheer determination to win as he continues his racing career, surpassing limits and building an impressive résumé in the process.

In 1996, fresh out of Formula 1, young Max Papis came to America and made an immediate impact in the driving circles when, at the end of a particularly tough Daytona 24 Hour event and at the wheel of a mended factory Ferrari prototype, he put on a very spirited, 'never-say-die' drive to chase the leaders, which earned him the nickname "Mad Max" Papis. It stuck ever since, and he is still driving just like that.
At a more personal level, Max is a dedicated family man, an avid cyclist, and fitness enthusiast.  Max is committed to several causes that matter and touch him closely, particularly the battle against cancer.  Max lives in Mooresville, NC, USA with wife Tatiana, sons Marco & Matteo, and a few pets.
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