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Polar Club is a heart rate-based solution that brings exciting group exercise classes to fitness clubs. With heart rate training and fun rewards at the core of Polar Club, you’ll have classes pushing harder, feeling motivated and coming back for more in a heart beat. Best of all - you just need H7 heart rate sensors, an iPad Air and a large screen.

Heart rate training

Evidence-based results

Say hello to the benefits of heart rate training. With Polar Club your classes will experience how exercising at different heart rate intensities is the best way to improve. And, when everyone sees their heart rates on the big screen, it inspires and guides them towards achieving individual training targets together.

Polar Club

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Group exercise made easy

The Polar Club app makes running your classes a breeze. With the real-time heart rate-based guidance, the instructor can easily see who's keeping up with the class and steer the group to the right direction. At the end of the class, the group sees a summary of how they did.

Easy all-in-one solution

With one single solution, you can schedule and manage classes as well as assign instructors. Polar Club also comes with the possibility of signing up to classes online in advance which reduces the hassle at the club. Monthly highlights from the data and statistics from a specific group class or all of them provide a powerful tool to support the decision making.

Joy of reaching goals together.

Share the joy of reaching goals together. With Polar Club you can create an engaging online community together with your club members. They will be able to share their accomplishments with each other in or outside of class. Within the very same community you will also be able to share in-club events or campaigns with your members.

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Polar ecosystem

Powered by Flow

In addition to Polar Club our Flow ecosystem offers a complete solution to you, your trainers as well as club members to make their fitness dreams come true.

Polar Fitness Trackers

We offer a complete line of connected fitness trackers to help your club members reach their goals, from weight loss to training for an event. Learn more.

Polar Flow web service

In the Polar Flow web service your club members can conveniently see their personal training data, track and share their progress and comment on their friends’ achievements. Learn more.

Polar Coach

The free Polar Coach service makes it even easier for your personal trainers to manage and guide their clients to success. Learn more.


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