Battery Replacement Instructions for Polar Active and Polar Move

Image A
Image B

1. Open battery holder by turning it counter-clockwise. You can use a Polar battery holder opener, a coin or screwdriver. See image A.

2. Remove old battery and wait 3-5 minutes before inserting the new battery. This allows the microprocessor to reset.

3. Insert new battery with plastic tweezers, with the plus (+) side up. See image B.

NOTE: Do not use metal tweezers because they can short circuit the battery. Be careful not to bend the spring.

4. Use plastic tweezers or an anti-static cloth to press the battery into place.

NOTE: Bare finger grease and dirt weakens the contact.

5. Check that o-ring is clean and in place before inserting the battery holder.

6. Place battery holder in place and turn it clockwise until firmly closed.


  • Make sure the batteries do not touch each other as that may cause them to drain prematurely.
  • Batteries are hazardous waste and need to be recycled.